Become an authorised solar retailer or installer

Register with us to become an authorised solar retailer or installer and help more Victorians save with clean and efficient energy.

This page is for solar panel (PV) and battery retailers and installers who wish to register with Solar Victoria to support the delivery of solar panel (PV) rebates and solar battery loans.

If you are a hot water retailer or installer, see Become an authorised hot water retailer or installer.

Step 1: Get approval or accreditation

To participate in our programs, retailers need to meet our mandatory requirements set out in the Solar Victoria Notice to Market and in our retailer terms and conditions. Our terms and conditions strengthen consumer protections and support the high standards of the Solar Homes Program.


All solar panel (PV) and battery retailers seeking to become an authorised participant in the Solar Homes Program are required to sign up to the New Energy Tech Consumer Code (NETCC).

The NETCC came into effect as a mandatory requirement under our program on 26 April 2023.

The NETCC program is administered by the Clean Energy Council (CEC). The CEC is supporting solar retailers to demonstrate they meet the NETCC standards and become NET Approved Sellers during the transition year.

Become a NET Approved Seller


SRES installer and designer accreditation scheme

The Clean Energy Regulator (CER) expects to announce the new accreditation scheme operator (ASO) for solar installer accreditation in February 2024. We will keep you updated as we work with CER, the Clean Energy Council, and the new ASO once announced, to support installers to prepare for the change and to ensure industry standards are maintained.

We encourage you to make yourself aware of the possible impacts on your SRES accreditation. The CER’s latest ASO update provides information on what you need to do to prepare for the transfer. You can subscribe to receive email updates from the CER here or email if you have any questions. More information is also available on the Clean Energy Council website.

Read the CER update here.

Solar panel (PV) and battery installers must be accredited through the CEC Solar Accreditation Scheme to participate in our programs.

Apply for CEC installer accreditation

CEC accredited installers who are also solar panel (PV) or battery retailers are required to also sign up to the NETCC, which covers different responsibilities and obligations.

Step 2: Register your Solar Victoria account


The next step for solar panel (PV) and battery retailers who wish to participate in our program is to make a request to us by emailing: To help us process your registration more quickly, please include the following information in your email to us:

  • NET Approved Seller certificate
  • Name
  • Contact email
  • Contact number
  • ABN
  • Entity name
  • Trading name
  • Business address

We will then send you an invitation to register on the Solar Victoria portal (‘the portal’).

The portal is essential to become an authorised retailer in our programs. It enables retailers to upload customer quotes and be paid for the rebate/ loan amounts that must be passed through to eligible customers.

If you are an existing authorised solar retailer for the Solar Victoria solar panel (PV) and battery rebates, and wish to participate in the hot water rebate:

  1. Log into the portal and navigate to “My account” on the top right corner, then
  2. Select “Hot Water (Owner occupier)” under the “Eligible Rebate Types” icon.

Solar Victoria will then add you to the authorised hot water retailer list.

Solar Victoria Portal - Registering as a retailer
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All installers in the Solar Homes Program must first complete VU22744 Work safely in the solar industry and CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry (White Card) training before we can onboard you. We will ask you to provide a certificate of attainment to confirm you have completed this training. For more information, including how to enrol, see Work safely in the solar industry.

The next step for CEC accredited installers who wish to participate in our programs is to make a request to us by emailing:

We will first confirm that you have completed mandatory safety training before we send you an invitation to join our program, with a link to register a new Solar Victoria account on the Service Victoria website. If you have an existing Service Victoria account under the same email, you will need to log in to your original account and change the linked email.

Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email telling you how to download the Service Victoria online app.

Solar Victoria Portal - Registering as an installer
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About the Service Victoria app for installers

The Service Victoria app contains your digital installer licence that we require you to show your customer when onsite. It also has an inbuilt QR code scanner that you are required to use to scan the customer’s QR code to associate yourself to the installation as the accredited installer. The QR code step helps to:

  • provide an extra level of safety for everyone
  • link the installation to an authorised installer
  • signal to regulators that you are about to start and can be inspected to ensure the highest safety standards are met.

Important: Failing to scan the customer’s QR code on-site at the commencement of the installation is a breach of Solar Victoria’s Terms and Conditions and could result in suspension or removal from the program.

Once your Service Victoria account is set up, you can log into the portal and accept the terms and conditions. After that, you will receive a confirmation email from Solar Victoria and can download the Service Victoria App to use for scanning customer QR Codes.

Installer requirements

To participate in our programs, we require installers to meet our mandatory requirements set out in the Solar Victoria Notice to Market. They include:

  • solar PV and battery installers holding an unrestricted (Class A) electrical licence registered with Energy Safe Victoria
  • hot water installers holding the appropriate plumbing accreditation issued by the Victorian Building Authority
  • completing mandatory safety training
  • having a good safety record and complying with occupational health and safety laws.

Installers also need to provide a statement that they have had no significant contravention history or prosecutions registered with WorkSafe Victoria in the past three years (or with an equivalent authority in another Australian jurisdiction).

Also see our installer terms and conditions.

About the NETCC

The NETCC is a set of service standards designed to protect consumers purchasing new energy tech, including solar, batteries, EV chargers and more.

Becoming a NET Approved Seller shows customers that your business meets trusted consumer protection standards and commits to providing a quality service for new energy technology. It requires solar retailers to commit to quality service and stronger consumer protections than Australian Consumer Law provides. These higher standards will particularly ensure:

  • responsible marketing and selling practices
  • that products are fit for purpose and suited to the customer’s specific circumstances
  • that quotes and contracts are clear and fair
  • that warranties are honoured

Providing the highest possible consumer protections is important for the integrity of Solar Victoria programs and the confidence of our customers.

Read more about the NETCC here.

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