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Solar Victoria’s Residential Electrification Grants

Solar Victoria’s Residential Electrification Grants will enable bulk installations of solar (PV) and energy efficient hot water systems across Victoria to help accelerate the transition to fully electric homes.


Solar Victoria is seeking to work with organisations to accelerate the uptake of solar PV and energy efficient hot water systems in Victorian homes through its Residential Electrification Grants. These grants will allocate funding to participating organisations to enable bulk installations in a minimum of 50 homes as part of a single scheme, project, or development, for the benefit of homeowners.

Grant benefits

Solar Victoria’s Residential Electrification Grants are a unique opportunity for organisations to expand their customer base and leverage funding as an offering to Victorian households.

This initiative will benefit homeowners, businesses and the environment by:

  • Enhancing and supporting the transition of new and existing Victorian homes developments and precincts towards electrification, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy bills.
  • Supporting initiatives that take an innovative approach to increasing the uptake of solar PV and/or hot water.
  • Supporting a new generation of organisations embedding renewable energy and energy efficient products in homes across Victoria.
  • Acting as co-investment to attract or combine with additional funding sources such as that provided by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency or the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.
  • Encouraging program participants to publish the outcomes or research resulting from their innovation projects to increase industry knowledge.
  • Establishing a new streamlined process for the distribution of funding to Victorian households at scale.
  • Continuing to support low- and middle-income earners by reducing the cost of their energy bills.
  • Providing economic opportunities to Australian and New Zealand businesses by maintaining a preference for those providers that support local content.
  • Ensuring safe, reliable and effective solar technologies are installed on Victorian homes.
  • Ensuring safe and fair employment practices are adopted by Victorian businesses.

The Expression Of Interest (EOI)

Expressions of Interest closed on 24 November 2023.

If you have submitted an application, Solar Victoria will notify you of the outcome by email when the assessment process concludes.

Information on key dates regarding the assessment of applications are in the table below:

EOI opens25 September 2023
EOI closes24 November 2023
Assessment processNovember 2023 – February 2024
Assessment outcomesMarch - April 2024
Contracts finalisedApril 2024

Contact Us

Please email for any questions, due to anticipated interest in the program, please allow 3-5 business days for a response.

FAQs – Funding (updated 24 October)

  • Successful proponents will upload the information on completed installations through the Solar Victoria portal monthly. They will be paid monthly in line with the number of eligible and completed installations. It is a condition of this grant that the full funding amount is passed on to homeowners.

  • The full $10 million will be passed on to homeowners by approved providers. The funding passed on to homeowners will be the equivalent of a Solar Victoria rebate for Solar PV ($1400) and hot water ($1000). Homeowners are not eligible to claim PV and hot water rebates from Solar Victoria for the installations completed via the Residential Electrification Grant.

  • Yes, it is a competitive grant process. Funding may not be shared among successful applicants as different projects will have different requirements. Additionally, it may not be possible to fund all successful projects in full, where part funding is to be considered, this will be discussed with the applicant prior to approval. The assessment panel, made up of qualified solar industry experts, will make decisions on funding allocation based on the individual merits of projects as assessed against criteria and on their assessment of the collective alignment of projects with program objectives.

  • Solar Victoria's Mandatory Eligibility Criteria will be applied as an 'assessment criteria' under this program. Providers will be required to demonstrate in the EOI application how they intend to promote their projects to Target Beneficiaries of the Funding as specified in the EOI guidelines.

  • Measures to ensure this may include requiring the provider to tell us their retail or rental prices before and after the funding amount has been applied, committing to Solar Victoria through clauses in the Funding Agreement that they will pass the rebate amount on in full and committing in a legal agreement with the homeowner that they will pass on the rebate amount on in full.

  • No. Loans are not available under this program. However, an eligible household can apply for a solar battery loan outside of their Residential Electrification Grants participation.

  • The administrative burden will be minimised for both the provider and homeowner. For example, amalgamated data will be accepted for proof of installations, rather than data being manually entered for each household. Providers can also allocate funds directly to homeowners, rather than requiring homeowners to make applications to prove their eligibility.

    There will be some additional administrative obligations for providers including negotiating the funding agreement, reporting and forming an agreement with homeowners. Solar Victoria will work with successful providers to tailor the process based on the nature of the organisations and projects to minimise the administrative workload.

  • Yes. A contract template will be provided by Solar Victoria displaying the information that must be recorded, this includes the amount of funding to be passed on by the provider, permission to pass their personal details on to Solar Victoria and agreement to receive communications from Solar Victoria.

FAQs – Projects (updated 24 October)

  • Yes. The provider will be required to be (or become) an authorised retailer or installer to participate in this program or will be required to engage Solar Victoria approved retailers or installers as consortium members.

  • Only solar PV and hot water systems on the existing Solar Victoria product lists can be installed under this program.

  • Yes, funding can be allocated between solar panel (PV) and hot water systems.

  • Residential premises, including detached and semi-detached houses, townhouses and apartments (Class 1 and 2 as defined by the Victorian Building Authority) will be eligible under this program.

  • At this stage installations can only be made on residential properties.

  • Yes, however Solar Victoria will need to verify whether a property will be owner occupied or a rental, even if it is a new build.

  • Solar Victoria cannot allocate rebates where the home has been built but it does not have an owner. Solar Victoria must verify that the funding will be passed on to a homeowner.

  • No. Only private homeowners and owners of rental properties are eligible to receive funding.

Questions added 21 November

  • Yes, the Residential Electrification Grants program will not change arrangements for claiming Small-scale Technology Certificate’s (STC’s) under the Australian Government’s Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme.

  • The EOI does not set specific requirements for consortiums.

  • The grants will support those providers that present new and unique approaches to making or enabling the installation of solar PV and/or hot water in Victorian homes at scale. Examples of projects suitable for these grants are listed at page 4 of the Guidelines.

  • Under Solar Victoria’s Residential Electrification Grants it is expected that funding provided is passed on to the homeowner in full at the household rebate value set by the Solar Homes Program. Where it is being applied as a discount, the Solar Victoria funding must be specified as a line item.

Reviewed 27 November 2023

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