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Everything authorised retailers need to know about claiming a Solar Homes Program rebate.

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Log in to the Solar Victoria Portal

This information steps you through how to use the Solar Victoria portal (‘the portal’). Please contact us if you encounter any issues using it.

Portal registration process

If you are not yet registered with us, see Become an authorised solar retailer or installer or Become an authorised hot water retailer or installer.

Uploading a quote

Solar panel (PV) rebate

This guide steps you through how to upload a solar panel (PV) quote through the portal:

Solar battery loans

This guide steps you through how to upload a solar battery quote through the portal:

Please make your customers aware that loan repayments, for the maximum amount, are a four-year commitment up to $183.33 each month.

Solar Victoria is a responsible lender. We consider each applicant’s financial circumstances (including repayment obligations to other lenders) to assess if the applicant can comply with the financial obligations under the proposed loan without substantial hardship, and if the proposed loan meets their needs.

We remind retailers of their obligations to comply with the New Energy Tech Consumer Code (NETCC)External Link requirements to offer customers credit through a credit provider licensed under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009External Link (National Credit Act) or an unlicensed provider approved by the Clean Energy Council as meeting minimum consumer protections.

For more information, see Consumer protection and industry obligations.

Hot water rebate

This guide steps you through how to upload a hot water rebate quote through the portal:

Application status

You can check an applications status on the installation tab in the retailer portal.

Customer Application Started means the customer has secured a rebate allocation but has not submitted their application. This means that they have 14 days before their application times out and they must reapply. Please make sure your customers are aware of this.

Customer Application Under Review means the customer has submitted their application but needs to provide additional documentation. The time to complete this stage depends on whether the customer provides the right information and how long they take to respond. Please allow up to 20 days.

Customer Application Approved means the customer has had their eligibility confirmed and a QR code has been issued. The installation can now be scheduled.

Customer Application Expired indicates that the installation didn’t occur within four months and the customer application has expired. Customers with this status are eligible to reapply but will need a new quote and quote reference number.

Scheduling an installation

This guide steps you through how to schedule an installation through the portal:

Organising installations by sorting

You can identify customers who have been waiting the longest by sorting installations.

Go to the ‘Installations’ tab on the top navigation of the retailer portal. From the Installations screen, you can then sort by:

Application Expiry Date: By clicking on this column heading, installations will be sorted to display the closest approaching dates first. Click again to sort it from oldest to newest.

Application Approval Date: By clicking on this column heading, installations will be sorted to display the installations by approved date.

Using these sort functions will help you prioritise the oldest applications first.


You might need to amend a customer’s quote if, for example, there are changes to the rebate or STC value, the products selected are modified or the number of products for the installation changes. To amend the quote, use the “Requote” functionality in the retailer portal.

Quotes with these status can be requoted:

  • Expired
  • Cancelled
  • Submitted
  • Pending

This will create a new INS Number (under the SolarVic ID column) but will keep the customer’s basic details needed to complete their installation, for example, name and address.

  1. Under the Quotes tab, click on the INS Number (seen under the SolarVic ID column) that you would like to requote. You will be brought to the detailed quote.
  2. Click the Re-Quote button to amend that customer’s quote.
Requote image

Accessing accreditations and scanning QR codes

We will send the customer an email with a QR code specific to their application. Scanning the QR code confirms for the installer that the applicant is eligible.

The installer must scan the QR code on the day of the installation, prior to work starting. The installer electrician who scans the QR code must be recorded on the Certificate of Electrical Safety.

Licensed and registered plumbers authorised under our program can scan the QR code for hot water rebate customers. The licensed plumber is still required to issue a Victorian Building Authority Certificate of Compliance and must be signed-up with us to do this.

Important: Failing to scan the customer QR code on-site before the installation starts is a breach of our Terms and Conditions and could result in suspension or removal from the program.

When you confirm the customer’s installation appointment, please remind them that they will need their QR code on the day of installation.

If you are having any issues scanning QR codes, remove and reinstall the app. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you must call us so we can note that you have tried to scan the QR code. We can help resolve any issues and record in our system that the installation is about to start.

Claiming a payment

The rebate will be deducted from your customer’s payment through Service Victoria. You will then claim the value of the rebate through the portal.

Login now

To complete the job and get your payment in the portal:

  1. Create a quote for a customer
  2. Upload this quote to the portal for retailers as part of your Provider Statement
  3. Wait until you get an email confirming the customer has had their eligibility application approved using your quote
  4. Schedule the job with the customer within 120 days of rebate approval
  5. Carry out the installation and receive the customer’s payment minus the value of their rebate (and loan, if applicable)
  6. Complete CES and submit payment request for the value of the customer rebate (and loan) through the portal

We will review your payment claim within 5 business days and approve it if no further information is required. You should expect funds in your nominated bank account after 10 business days following approval.

Invoices, STC and GST

Retailers should continue to provide customers with quotes for the cost of the system and information of the benefit to the customer of the STC as they currently do.

Retailers should also ensure that customers are informed of the Solar Victoria contribution and understand the out of pocket expenses should there be a gap.

When uploading a copy of the customers invoice to the portal for retailers, payments, the ABN listed on the tax invoice must match your ABN listed on the portal.

The cost to the consumer can be calculated as follows:

- Quote for the cost of installed system (inclusive of GST)


- Value to the retailer of the STCs transferred to the retailer when claimed from the CER


- Value of the applicable rebate and loan provided by Solar Victoria payable to the retailer


Cost to the customer charged by the Retailer

See treatment of GST and STCs on the invoice examples (below).

Invoice example (no loan)

Sample invoice

Cross check to test the portal's treatment of incentives and GST against your invoice.

Invoice example with loan included

Sample invoice

Cross check to test portal's treatment of incentives and GST against your invoice.

Reviewed 25 July 2023

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