Find an authorised retailer

You are required to use an authorised retailer to be eligible for a rebate.



To ensure that rebate applicants are provided with protection in relation to pre & post sale activities completed by Solar Retailers, Solar Victoria has mandated that the largest solar retailers in the program become Approved Solar Retailer (ASR) status by signing the Clean Energy Council’s (CEC) Code of Conduct by July 1, 2019.

Those retailers who already have Approved Solar Retailer status  can be found on the CEC website. Smaller retailers can still participate in the program without ASR status until November 1.

Make sure you ask your retailer if they are registered for the Solar Homes Program. The Solar Homes program has moved to a point-of-sale model and your retailer should reflect the rebate amount on your quote. This will reduce the up-front cost of your system. 

Reviewed 19 September 2019

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