Notice to Market

Sets out the mandatory and recommended requirements for product and installers operating under the Solar Homes Program.

What is the Notice to Market?

The Solar Homes program is focused on ensuring customers receive a high-quality product, installed safely by a qualified professional. 

To do this, we are working with industry to drive adoption of new technologies and improve standards across the industry.  

Solar Victoria has introduced a Notice to Market process in March 2019 to advise industry of upcoming changes to approved products lists so retailers and installers are aware of planned changes that affect them and their customers.

The Notice to Market sets out the mandatory eligibility (and recommended) requirements and will be an important part of raising the bar for Victoria’s solar industry. 

The first Notice to Market, released in March 2019, required the use of inverters that prevent islanding in the event of a blackout (in line with international standard IEC 62116). 

The second Notice to Market, released in June 2019, required the use of smart inverters to help distribution networks accommodate higher levels of solar PV penetration. The second Notice to Market also communicates recommended requirements for solar workers to hold ‘Work Safely at Heights’ certification and ‘White Card’ training.

The third version has been updated to reflect the expanded rebate offering for 2019-20, along with options for Solar retailers and installers to access small business mentoring services. 

Rebate Releases

Response to the program has been extremely popular. Due to the immense popularity of the program, solar PV applications were fully subscribed in April 2019.

The expanded second phase of the program opened on 1 July 2019 and encompassed interest-free loans, solar for rental properties and battery rebates. 

As the demand for solar grows, Solar Victoria – working in consultation with industry – has set monthly targets, ensuring a safe and orderly roll-out and allowing both customers and businesses to plan ahead. 
Each month the new rebates will be released and a ticker on the Solar Victoria website will keep track of how many are available. 

As the rebates are allocated the ticker will count down in real time. This will make sure everyone can see how many are left for the month and plan accordingly.

This orderly release of monthly rebates will realise the program’s annual target number of solar PV, hot water and battery rebates. 

Rebate release numbers for rentals, batteries and hot water


The Solar Homes program provides the residential solar industry in Victoria with certainty on volumes; certainty on quality; and certainty on price. 

In this context – and as technology improves and product prices reduce – we expect reputable, progressive operators to find efficiencies and deliver continued reductions in the prices of fully installed solar PVs and batteries consistent with the price reductions that have been seen over recent years, while also maintaining and improving quality and customer experience.. 

The forward profile for solar PV and battery rebate prices under the Solar Homes program is set out in the table below. The rebate price is the maximum rebate that will be paid in each year. 

Householders who commence a Solar PV application and secure a place before 31 December 2019 will receive a rebate up to $2,225. Those who apply after the 1st of January 2020, will receive a rebate up to $1,888. The no-interest loan will still be available and will match the rebate amount up to $1,888.

The rebate price for solar hot water is $1,000 in 2019-20. Solar Homes will monitor and review the rebate price for Solar Hot Water over the course of 2019-20 based on demand.

Technology Roadmap 

As the Solar Homes Program rolls out over 10 years, Solar Victoria will continue to work with industry and peak bodies to continuously update the offerings of the program. This Technology Roadmap will ensure products supported by the Solar Homes program remain fit for purpose, offer the highest standards in safety, quality, and consumer benefit and align with the broader strategy of the government to support future changes to the energy network.  

The Technology Roadmap will be updated regularly throughout the Solar Homes program to incorporate broader developments in the energy sector and ensure continual alignment to the State Government’s energy policies.  

As new technologies enter the market, older systems will be removed. Notice to Market communications will notify retailers and installer of changes well in advance for a smooth, sustainable and safe rollout.

Reviewed 30 December 2019

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