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Notice to Market

Sets out the mandatory and recommended requirements for retailers and installers to participate in the Solar Homes Program.

What is the Notice to Market? 

The Solar Homes Program Notice to Market provides the solar industry in Victoria with a clear overview of the rules and expectations for participation in the program.  

Participants, such as solar retailers and installers, must comply with the requirements for rebates to apply to their solar and battery systems. Where a participant no longer meets mandatory requirements, we may suspend or cancel participation in the Solar Homes Program by written notice.  

We are working with the solar industry to drive adoption of new technologies and improve standards. The Notice to Market is an important part of raising the bar for Victoria’s solar industry and ensuring customers receive high-quality systems, installed safely by qualified professionals.    

Notice to Market as of 30 November 2020 

The current Notice to Market was released in April 2020 and is effective as of 1 July 2020. This update is effective from 30 November 2020. There are several new requirements:   

This Notice to Market is effective as of 30 November 2020 and replaces any previous versions.  

Rebate releases 

Rebates for Solar PV, Battery and Rentals will be released fortnightly in line with the dates and times outlined at Solar Homes Program key dates. All rebate releases will occur at 12pm. 

Solar Hot Water rebates are available on an ongoing basis and will not be subject to fixed released dates at this stage.  

Release date Minimum PV rebates released Minimum battery rebates released Minimum rental rebates released
Wednesday 6 January 2500 250 75
Wednesday 20 January 2500 250 75
Wednesday 3 February 2500 250 75
Wednesday 17 February  2500 250 75
Wednesday 3 March 2500 250 80
Wednesday 17 March 2500 250 80
Tuesday 6 April 2500 250 85
Wednesday 21 April  2500 250 85
Wednesday 5 May 2500 250 90
Wednesday 19 May 2500 250 90
Wednesday 2 June 2500 250 95
Wednesday 16 June 2500 250 95


The Solar Homes Program provides the residential solar industry in Victoria with certainty on volumes, certainty on quality and certainty on price.    

As technology improves and product prices reduce, we expect operators to find efficiencies and deliver continued reductions in the prices of installed solar PVs and batteries consistent with the price reductions that have been seen over recent years, while also maintaining and improving quality and customer experience.    

The solar PV and battery rebate amounts under the Solar Homes Program from 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2020 are detailed in the table below.  

Solar Homes Program rebate amounts 

Rebate type Rebate pricing (July 2020-30 June 2021)
Solar PV $1,850  
Solar Hot Water $1,000
Solar Batteries $4,174  

Future technology requirements

As the Solar Homes Program rolls out over 10 years, we will continue to work with industry and peak bodies to continuously update the program. Guidance will be provided mapping out future technology requirements, to ensure products supported by the Solar Homes Program:  

  • remain fit for purpose  
  • offer the highest standards in safety, quality, and consumer benefit  
  • align with the broader strategy of the government to support future changes to the energy network.     
  • support innovation 

There will be regular updates to technology requirements to incorporate broader developments in the energy sector and to ensure alignment with the Victorian Government’s energy policies. Notice to Market communications will notify retailers and installers of any changes well in advance.    

Reviewed 03 March 2021