Solar for Apartments

The Solar for Apartments program will reduce the cost of installing solar PV on apartment buildings, by providing successful applicants funding of up to $2,800 per apartment.


The Solar for Apartments Program is jointly funded by the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments to support apartment households to benefit from lower energy bills through installing solar.

This landmark partnership is administered by Solar Victoria and will help existing Victorian apartment buildings move towards electrification and will provide more opportunities for low-and middle-income apartment households to access the benefits of green energy technology.

This program will reduce the cost of installing solar PV on apartment buildings, by providing successful applicants grants of up to $2,800 per apartment. The maximum grant amount is $140,000 for buildings of up to 50 apartments.

By adopting solar, an average apartment household can save up to $500 a year on their electricity bills.

Who can apply?

Grants will be provided to Victorian Owners Corporations (OCs) with up to 50 occupiable lots, or apartments. OC’s will be required to sign a funding agreement. However, applications can be started by apartment residents, strata managers or OCs.

To be eligible, your building must:

  • be no more than 8 storeys tall
  • be a completed development at the time of application
  • be a Class 2 domestic building under the National Construction Code1
  • have a median capital improved apartment value that does not exceed $950,000
  • have not had a solar (PV) system installed in the last ten years2
  • be located in the State of Victoria.
  • not be a retirement village, commercial building or owned by a local council, property developer or community housing organisation
  • not be connected to an embedded network for its electricity supply.

1See the Victorian Building Authority’s website for more information.

2The OC may apply for funding to install solar PV for residential lots not already connected to an existing system.

If your building meets the eligibility criteria, you can begin your application.

Round 1 applications

The detailed eligibility criteria and documentation you will need to apply is in the Solar for Apartments Eligibility Requirements document below.

You should read this before you begin your application to make sure you are eligible and have prepared your application correctly.

Solar for Apartments Program: Round 1 Eligibility requirements and how to apply
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Solar for Apartments Program: Round 1 Eligibility requirements and how to apply
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Solar for Apartments round 1 applications will close on 15 April 2024 with future rounds to follow in 2024.

Round 1 dates:

Round 1 applications open13 February 2024
Round 1 applications close15 April 2024
Pre-approval based on eligibility criteria29 April 2024
Final approval and funding agreement signedJuly

Application process

The application will be completed in two steps. We will first assess your eligibility for the program and then confirm your final grant amount.

📖 See Section 5 of the Solar for Apartments Eligibility Requirements document for an overview of the application process.

Step 1 – Gaining pre-approval

Complete the online form to provide details on the proposed solar PV system, the number of lots it will be connected to and a declaration that your OC supports the application.

You will be required to provide the following documents:

  • a copy of the building’s plan of subdivision
  • An initial quote

We will assess your application to verify that your OC meets the eligibility for the program.

We will contact you of the outcome within 10 days of submitting an application.

Successful applicants who are pre-approved for funding will progress to Step 2.

📖 See Section 6.1 of the Solar for Apartments Eligibility Requirements document for more details.

Step 2 – Gaining final approval and the funding agreement

We will contact your OC to provide further information on the solar project so we can confirm your final approval. We will then provide your OC with a final grant amount and invite them to enter a funding agreement with Solar Victoria. An example of the funding agreement can be found here.

📖 See Section 6.2 of the Solar for Apartments Eligibility Requirements document for details of evidence required to obtain final approval.

You can submit your application by clicking on button below.

Start a new application

If you have any technical issues when submitting your application, please contact

Eligible systems

Solar systems will be eligible for funding if they:

  • supply power to a minimum of 5 residential lots, and no more than 50 lots
  • demonstrate a payback period for the system and installation cost within 10 years
  • equitably share the cost saving benefits of the system among participating residents
  • limit the energy supplied to the building’s common area to the equal proportion available to each residential lot
  • directly supply power to residential lots behind the meter
  • are installed on parts of the roof that are common property
  • use products from Solar Victoria’s product list and be installed by authorised Solar Victoria retailers*
  • have approval from the building’s Distribution Network Service Provider (DNSP) if they want to connect and export self-generated solar to the grid

* unless otherwise expressly agreed to by Solar Victoria in writing

OCs can propose solar systems that are most suited to the needs of their residents. This may include systems made up of individual solar PV systems directly connected to apartments or a single large solar PV system coupled with solar sharing technology.

📖 See Section 3.3 of the Solar for Apartments Eligibility Requirements document for detailed information on eligible systems.

Information for Owners Corporations and strata managers

While an application can be submitted by an individual resident or strata management company, they must declare that they are authorised by their OC to apply. We strongly urge OCs and strata management companies to engage all residents, including owner-occupiers and renters to encourage participation in the program.

OCs should also engage owner-investors on the benefits of the program and encourage their participation, and ensure the solar PV system benefits both owner occupiers and renters in the building.

In Step 2 of the application OCs are required to provide further information to be considered for final approval and be invited to sign a funding agreement.

OCs will need to pay the upfront cost of the solar (PV) system and its installation. They will receive the full grant amount from Solar Victoria after the installation is complete.

📖 See Section 6.2 of the Solar for Apartments Eligibility Requirements document for information you will need to provide for final approval.

Information for apartment residents

If you are interested in solar for your building, you can start a conversation with your fellow residents, OC committee or Strata Manager about getting solar. You can read the following article for advice on how to get started installing solar on your apartment.

📖 See Section 6.1 of the Solar for Apartments Eligibility Requirements document for information on what you will need to start your application.

If you're renting your apartment and would like to explore options for installing solar, contact your property manager or rental provider to let them know about the Solar for Apartments Program and the potential to save thousands of dollars on the cost of installing a solar system.

Information for apartment rental providers

Rental providers may be contacted by your renter or by a member of the OC or Strata Manager about supporting a funding application.

Installing solar may increase the appeal of your property and will make a difference to your renters through lower energy bills.

If you rent out the apartment you own, you can also submit an application on behalf of the OC.

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