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FAQs: Retailers and installers

Homes under construction

  • No. If a home is under construction, customers will not be able to apply for:

    • Solar hot water – the eligibility criteria for solar hot water and heat pumps does not allow for these to be installed during construction
    • Solar battery – they will be unable to install a battery at the same time as PV and receive a battery rebate while the home is being built
  • Customers building a new house can apply for a solar PV rebate and interest-free loan to install their PV system while their house is being built.

  • As construction time can vary and there may be several elements that impact the completion of a new home, retailers can encourage and direct customers to:

    • Talk to their builder as early as possible during the planning phase about their preference for solar
    • Discuss with their builder when and how solar products can be installed by an authorised solar retailer under the Solar Homes Program
    • Confirm that they have the builder's consent for the solar installation to occur during the build
    • Read our solar panel PV Buyers Guide for products that will best suit their roof and home
    • Speak to an authorised solar retailer about the best time to apply for the solar PV rebate and an interest-free loan
    • Work with the builder and the authorised solar retailer to organise site access and installation
  • The application timeframe for homes under construction has been extended from 120 days to 270 days. It is important for the customer to talk to their builder to understand the best time for installation during construction. Customers can share this information with the authorised solar retailer.

    Retailers will then be able to advise customers when to apply for the rebate taking into account the 270 days to install.

  • QR codes can be sent electronically to customers. Customers will need to provide the QR code to the installer on the day of installation. Installers should ensure that they have the QR code from the customer before the installation day.

    The Retailer must ensure that the Installer scans the QR code onsite at the property at the commencement of the installation.

  • Retailers should encourage customers to work with the builder to organise site access and installation.

    The customer will need to confirm with you that they have the builder's consent for the solar installation to occur during the build.

  • If their builder has a preferred installer, who is not an authorised installer they cannot apply for the rebate. In this scenario customers will need to wait until construction is complete and then apply for the rebate as an existing property (no longer under construction) using their choice of authorised solar retailer.

  • Customers should be talking to their builder about their preference for solar and engage an authorised solar retailer as early as possible. They should have continuing conversations with their builder about timeframes and any possible delays and keep the retailer updated on when installation can occur. Retailers can then advise customers of the best time to apply for the rebate.

Loans for Solar PV (for the installer)

  • The installer quotes the customer for a system and uploads the copy of the quote on the installer portal. After matching the quote details with the approved customers, Solar Victoria will advise the installer to go ahead with installation. After installation is completed, the installer will submit the STC’s and electrical safety documentation against advice install. Upon verification, the installation will be approved by the Solar Victoria and the installer account gets credited with the approved payment in next pay cycle.

  • No, upon approval for payments, both the loans rebates payment will be made directly to the retailer by Solar Victoria.

  • No, the loan request needs to be submitted by the customer on customer portal.

  • Any change in the quoted system specs and product types? STC’s and Electrical certification of installed system.

  • The loan re-payment responsibility lies entirely with the customer and installer will not be a party to that agreement.

  • Solar Victoria will determine customer eligibility and retailers will need to wait until the customer and the retailer have been informed that it is confirmed. Retailers can provide the benefits assessment when they upload their Retailer Statement on the SVP. The prompts are simple and easy to follow.

    The retailer is expected to do a benefits realisation calculation (a benefits estimation) at the point of uploading a quote, which the system uses to determine the loan eligibility. The retailer just needs to know if the customer would like to participate in the interest free loan offer.

  • Inclusive.

Reviewed 24 August 2022

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