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FAQs: Solar panel (PV) rebate

There have been a number of questions from members of the public about the Solar Homes Package, how the rebates work and the impact for individuals, installers and retailers.

  • The Essential Services Commission regulates energy prices in Victoria 

  • Solar customers that install small-scale batteries as part of their current PV system will continue to be eligible to receive feed-in tariffs for the electricity generated and exported by their system to their retailer.

    This also means that you can install a battery and still receive the PFiT as long as you maintain your eligibility requirements as outlined in your contract.

  • All systems listed as Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved products meet Australian Standards and are accredited as Approved Products by the Clean Energy Council. To be eligible for a rebate products must be on approved products list.

  • Solar Homes rebates are additional to the federal STC scheme. Rebates will be calculated after the STC discount has been applied.

  • No. The Victorian Government has said that it will provide a rebate on the cost of solar panels (PV) system, up to a maximum rebate value. You will need to speak to your solar retailer to ensure the size of your system meets any other restrictions that may be in place.

  • Not everyone will be able to feed excess energy into the grid and your local distribution network service provider should inform you if this is the case.

  • Yes, but the rebate is calculated on the cost of the solar PV system alone. The Victorian Government has said that it will provide a rebate on the cost of a solar PV system, up to a maximum rebate of $1,850.

  • Lists of approved products and approved installers are available on our website to ensure people can easily determine what is approved and therefore eligible.

  • Approximately 350,000 solar systems have been installed in Victoria.

  • Installing solar PV will save a typical household around $890 per annum off their electricity bill.

  • They can if meet the Solar Homes criteria for community housing organisations.

    To find out if your organisation is eligible please contact us to discuss the requirements.

  • If you meet all of our Solar panel (PV) rebate eligibility criteria, off grid homes are eligible for the Solar Panel rebate. Unfortunately a grid connection is a requirement for the Solar battery rebate.

    Please see further information for the Solar panel (PV) rebate

Reviewed 21 June 2021