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FAQs: Loans for Solar PV

Not sure if you want a loan? Find out all you need to know about our interest free loan offering here.

Questions about the Solar Homes Package, how the rebates work and the impact for individuals, installers and retailers.

For the Householder

  • The Loan will be provided by the State of Victoria.

  • No, these loans will mean that Victorians will have no up-front cost on the modelled price of a standard installation of a 4-kW solar system.

  • The loan amount will complement the rebates payment. Loan will be offered as an option in the application, subject to eligibility. Once the customer opts for the loan, the amount will be processed along with the rebates payment and paid directly to the solar retailer.

  • The repayments will be debited from your account via direct debit. You will provide your financial institution details in your application. State Trustees Ltd will act as loans administrator on behalf of DEECA and will run scheduled direct debits against your account.

  • The outstanding difference will be an out of pocket expense for you.

  • After the customer is approved for the solar rebate, the eligibility of loan will be contingent on the system positive cash flow i.e. the solar system is saving the customer more AUD than the loan repayment amount.

  • No collateral required.

  • Your landlord will apply for the rebates + loan on your behalf.

  • In case of non-payments, we will proactively assist you in meeting your loan agreements via our structured hardship policy and procedures.

  • No, you will only be eligible for one successful application against your property.

  • We will set up a monthly direct debit from your account which will be subject to change upon request.

  • Yes, you can arrange a full payment of your loan at any time. Please call on 1300 376 393 for further assistance.

  • Please call on 1300 376 393 for assistance

  • No, there is no out of pocket expense involved right through the end of system installation.

  • The rebates and loans are all part of the same application and will be approved simultaneously. Once the application is approved, the retailer will complete the installation and submit the necessary documents to Solar Victoria for installation approval. After the installation is approved, the installer will get receive rebates and loans payments from DEECA on behalf of the customer. The customer will start the repayments of loans 30 days after the installation is approved.

  • Please contact Solar Victoria customer service on 1300 376 393 if you are facing financial hardship and finding it hard to meet your loan agreement. You will get the outcome of your hardship application in 10 working days.

    For more information on our hardship policy please see Hardship support for customers.

    You can also seek further information at the National Debt HelplineExternal Link . If you have entered into a Buy Now Pay Later agreement to cover your out-of-pocket costs you can find advice at the Australian Finance Industry AssociationExternal Link .

  • You will get the outcome of your application in 10 working days.

  • Positive cash flow means that the monthly loan repayments amount should be less than the monthly cost relief from the installed PV system.

  • Yes – there is a no limited income threshold on the applicant eligibility.

  • Your loan application is rejected because your application didn’t meet the eligibility criteria. If you think this is a mistake, please contact Solar Victoria on 1300 376 393 or send an email on

  • The only finance product offered by Solar Victoria is the no-interest loans for PV systems. Any complementary finance product offered by the retailer will be an exclusive relationship between them and their customers.

  • The applications are managed by Solar Victoria via Solar Victoria Portal.

  • Yes, the customer will need to be pre-approved and have entered into the loan agreement before the installation could take place.

  • The loan is offered directly by Solar Victoria and is paid to the retailer / installer on behalf of the customer. Any other finance product offering will be an exclusive arrangement between the Retailer / Installer and customer without any involvement from Solar Victoria.

  • Solar Victoria at DEECA manages the Loans program and installers will be prompted to system install after the customer enters into the loan agreement. You as an installer will not be required to provide any loan documentation.

  • Yes, for the eligible customers both the loan and the rebates amount will be paid at the same time.

  • After the application is approved, the loan approval will be valid for 6 months before it expires.

For the Installer

  • The installer quotes the customer for a system and uploads the copy of the quote on the installer portal. After matching the quote details with the approved customers, Solar Victoria will advise the installer to go ahead with installation. After installation is completed, the installer will submit the STC’s and electrical safety documentation against advice install. Upon verification, the installation will be approved by the Solar Victoria and the installer account gets credited with the approved payment in next pay cycle.

  • No, upon approval for payments, both the loans rebates payment will be made directly to the retailer by Solar Victoria.

  • No, the loan request needs to be submitted by the customer on customer portal.

  • Any change in the quoted system specs and product types? STC’s and Electrical certification of installed system.

  • The loan re-payment responsibility lies entirely with the customer and installer will not be a party to that agreement.

  • Solar Victoria will determine customer eligibility and retailers will need to wait until the customer and the retailer have been informed that it is confirmed. Retailers can provide the benefits assessment when they upload their Retailer Statement on the SVP. The prompts are simple and easy to follow.

    The retailer is expected to do a benefits realisation calculation (a benefits estimation) at the point of uploading a quote, which the system uses to determine the loan eligibility. The retailer just needs to know if the customer would like to participate in the interest free loan offer.

  • Inclusive.

Reviewed 24 October 2023

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