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What can I access through the ZEV Subsidy?

two men are talking at a car dealership
two men are talking at a car dealership

Solar Victoria is helping more Victorians access the environmental and savings benefits of EVs through the ZEV Subsidy Program.

Driving along Victorian roads it is hard to not to notice the growing popularity of electric vehicles (EV). In fact, the third best-selling vehicle in Australia at the start of 2023 was an EV model and the amount of EV brands to choose from is growing with prices coming down fast.

EVs are also referred to as Zero Emission Vehicles or ZEVs. Other ZEVs also include hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. ZEVs do not use petroleum fuels and therefore do not emit greenhouse gas emissions from the tailpipe.

ZEVs, including EVs, are not only better for the environment but cheaper to run. Electricity is much cheaper (in cents per kilometre) than petrol and they have fewer moving parts than standard petrol vehicles which can save you on maintenance costs.

You can find more information on the benefits of EVs over traditional petrol vehicles here.

The ZEV Subsidy Program reduces the upfront cost of a new EV by offering a $3,000 subsidy towards an EV valued at below $68,740.

What vehicles are available under the ZEV Subsidy Program?

The table below shows a list of EVs eligible for the subsidy and (their approximate price brackets) as of April 2023.

$60,001 – $68,740
Hyundai Kona Highlander
Mini EV (Classic)
Polestar 2 SR
Nissan Leaf E+
Cupra Born
Tesla 3 SRP
Kia eNiro S

$50,001 – $60,000
Hyundai Ioniq Elite
Hyundai Ioniq Premium
BYD Atto 3 Standard
Nissan Leaf
BYD Atto 3 Extended
Mazda MX-30 E
Hyundai Kona Elite

Less than $50,000
MG ZS EV 2022 Excite
MG ZS EV 2022 Essence

As new models come online and prices fall still further, this list will change quickly.

For example, a new car – the MG4 – will be selling in Australia later this year for around $42,000. With the subsidy, that means you’ll be able to buy a brand new EV for under $40,000 – less than the average amount Victorians spend on a new car.

To be eligible for the subsidy, you must be a Victorian resident with a current Victorian driver’s license or a business with a registered office in Victoria.

Eligible EV models purchased under leasing agreements are also eligible, provided all other criteria are met.

The subsidy is available to individual Victorians for one vehicle purchase and to businesses for the purchase of up to two vehicles. The subsidy only applies once per EV.

Reviewed 18 May 2023

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