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Solar for Business Program

Solar for Business rebates will remain at $3,500 until all 5,000 forecasted rebates for 2020–21 have been fully allocated, and will be up to $1,750 thereafter. 

Woman in checked shirt wearing a work apron holding a yellow cardboard sun
Woman in checked shirt wearing a work apron holding a yellow cardboard sun

Solar for small business rebates remaining this release:

About the program  

The Solar for Business Program is a new initiative designed to support Victorian small businesses to reduce their energy costs by accessing the benefits of renewable energy.   

This initiative will bring down energy bills for small businesses by reducing the upfront cost of the installation of an approved small-scale solar PV system up to 30kW.    

To support the economic recovery of Victorian small businesses and the broader solar sector, 15,000 solar PV rebates will be available over the next three years. 

Rebates cover up to 50 per cent of the cost of a rooftop solar system with small businesses eligible for a maximum rebate of $3,500 to reduce the upfront cost of installing solar on their business premises. 

This means the total rebate amount will be capped at 50% or $3,500 of the cost on any approved system. For example, if the net costs of solar are $10,000, then the rebate value applied is $3,500 (not $5,000) or if the net costs are $4,000, then the rebate value applied is $2,000 (not $3,500). 

Solar for Business rebates will remain at $3,500 until all 5,000 forecasted rebates for 2020–21 have been fully allocated, and will be up to $1,750 thereafter. 

Net costs are inclusive of GST and any contribution from Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

Am I eligible? 

All entity types, including charities and not-for-profit organisations, are eligible for the Solar for Business rebates providing they meet the following eligibility criteria:   

  • Be the owner of a business that employs at least one person, not including the business owner, and less than 20 people 
  • Operate from premises that are non-residential
  • Operate from premises that are individually metered  
  • Have not previously received a Solar for Business rebate  
  • Have your system installed by a Solar Victoria approved solar retailer as detailed on Solar Victoria’s website   
  • Install a solar system with a PV capacity size up to 30kW, and detailed on the Solar Victoria approved product list.    

Businesses who own their premises and those who rent can apply for the Solar for Business rebate. A rental provider/landlord of the business premises cannot apply for the rebate on a business’s behalf. 

Additional information for business owners who rent their premises can be found in the Landlord and Tenant Guidelines and Consent form.  

The rebate is only available for installations that occur following the program opening for applications on 28 May 2021. Systems installed prior will not be eligible for a rebate.  

If your home is your main place of business and you meet the eligibility criteria for the residential program, you may be eligible for a Solar Homes rebate.  

To find out more about our application process please download our Solar for Business factsheet.  

How to apply

Before you start your application, we recommend that you review the FAQs below.  

To find out how to apply for a Solar for Business rebate, click on the button below.   

How to apply



  • The Solar for Business Program offers eligible businesses a rebate that covers 50 per cent of the cost of installing a rooftop solar system up to $3,500. 

    This is the first time solar rebates will be available for Victorian small businesses, which can now join the thousands of households that have become part of the government’s Solar Homes Program.  Over the next three years, 15,000 businesses can apply for a solar rebate to reduce the upfront cost of the installation of an approved small-scale solar system. 

  • The program will keep the application process as simple as possible for businesses, using common verifiable documents that are readily available to business owners.  

    Businesses will need to provide the following when they apply:  

    • quote from an approved solar retailer  
    • Contact details of the business representative  
    • The business  Australian Business Number (ABN)  
    • WorkCover Employer Number - this can be found at the top right corner of your WorkSafe Renewal Notice or by logging into the WorkSafe Online Portal  
    • Certified Rateable Remuneration as reported to WorkSafe Victoria for the prior financial year (or this financial year if no renumeration was reported last year) - this can be found by logging into the WorkSafe Online Portal or by contacting your WorkSafe Agent directly to obtain this information.  

    All entity types (excluding government organisations) can apply for a Solar for Business rebate provided they meet the eligibility criteria.  

  • A business must operate from eligible premises determined by its Australian Valuation Property Classification Code [AVPCC]. Your premises AVPCC can be found on your Council Rates Notice.  

    A list of eligible AVPCC can be found below.

  • Solar Victoria has identified three different categories of business owners who are eligible to apply for the rebate. They are:  

    • Owner occupier – You own the property in the same name as your business. 
    • Associated entity – You own or control the property under a different name to that of your business 
    • Renter – You rent the property from an entity you’re not associated with 

    Please note that associated entities and renters must provide a copy of Solar Victoria’s Landlord and Tenant Guidelines and Consent Form.   

  • No, only business owners, or a nominated representative from the applying business, can apply for the Solar for Business rebate. 

  • No, an eligible business can only receive one rebate per ABN.

  • A business’ total number of employees is calculated by headcount. A business’ total number of employees is calculated by headcount.  The total number of employees includes employees who work full-time, part-time or casual hours. It does not include the business owner or owners.  

  • The 30kW is based on panel size.  

  • Early adopters who installed their system prior to 1 November 2009 are eligible to replace or expand their existing system. However, those receiving the Premium Feed-in Tariff should consider whether they will be better off if they replace their existing system.  

    Properties with existing solar systems installed after 2009 are not eligible for a Solar for Business rebate. 

  • All entities, excluding government organisations, can apply for the rebate. This includes businesses operating under a company, trust, partnership or not-for-profit structure.

  • Your premises must be connected to the grid and have its own National Meter Identifier (NMI).  

  • Yes, provided that the property has an eligible AVPCC and the farming business will receive the benefit of the energy generated from the solar system.   

  • Yes, provided that they are different addresses and your business operates from eligible premises.  

  • A franchisee will have a separate ABN to the franchisor. As a business is identified by their ABN under the Solar for Business Program, the number of employees would be calculated per franchisee.  

Reviewed 30 June 2021