Solar industry guidance

Use this guidance to help keep workers and customers safe and put industry leading standards into practice.

The guidance on this page complements information in our Notice to Market, which sets out the mandatory requirements and recommendations for retailers and installers to participate in the Solar Homes program.

Use this guidance along with our Solar PV Audit Checklists and Battery Audit Checklist to ensure installations under our program are compliant and meet the high standards we have set.

Legislation and regulations

Commonly identified legislation and regulations within the solar industry include:

A full list of legislation and regulations related to the solar industry is listed on the Energy Safe Victoria and WorkSafe Victoria websites.

Compliance codes and codes of practice also play an important role. They explain your duties or obligations under legislation in practical ways that are aimed to help you comply.

See WorkSafe compliance codes and codes of practice and ESV electrical technical guidelines and determinations.

Australian Standards

Installers in our solar programs must adhere to current and relevant standards for the design and installation of solar and battery storage systems.

These are made mandatory through:

  • legislation and/or regulations; and/or
  • normative reference from a mandated standard (commonly AS/NZS 3000 – Wiring Rules); and
  • are required by the Solar Victoria Notice to Market

Penalties for failing to meet Australian Standards vary. Solar Victoria may suspend or cancel an installer or retailer from its programs for non-compliance. See Installer terms and conditions and Retailer terms and conditions.

Commonly identified AS/NZS Standards within the solar industry include, but are not limited to:

AS/NZS 1170 SeriesStructural Design Actions(All parts)
AS 1768Lightning Protection
AS/NZS 3000Electrical Installations (known as Wiring Rules)
AS/NZS 4509 Series

Stand-alone power systems

  • Part 1: Safety and installation
  • Part 2: System design
AS/NZS 4777 Series

Grid Connections of Energy Systems via Inverters

  • Part 1: Installation Requirements
  • Part 2: Inverter Requirements
AS/NZS 5033Installation of photovoltaic (PV) arrays
AS/NZS 5139Electrical installations – Safety of battery systems for use with power conversion equipment


Industry guidance informs retailers and installers of leading practice. It may be voluntary in nature or made mandatory through the Solar Victoria Notice to Market.

Energy Safe Victoria, WorkSafe Victoria and Solar Victoria develop guidance to inform installers and retailers of non-compliances found within installations.

The following solar industry guidance plus installation guidance news can be found on the Energy Safe Victoria website:

  • How to ensure you have a compliant PV installation.
  • Working safely when installing photovoltaic (PV) systems.
  • Identifying mismatched d.c. connectors in PV installations
  • Grid connected inverter requirements from 18 December 2021.

Also see:

Technical solution and guidance sheets

Series 1: Working safely at height

We developed this series of technical solution sheets in collaboration with WorkSafe Victoria to help installers in our program work safely in the solar industry. Use this series to plan safe systems of work while installing photovoltaic systems.

Risks increase when you are working at height, and particularly on multi-level buildings eligible through our Solar for Apartments Program. Different equipment may be used to control risk in these scenarios.

To ensure you eliminate the risk of working at height with appropriate controls in every scenario, please follow the guidance below alongside information on the WorkSafe Victoria website.

How to manage end-of-life solar PV

Installers and retailers in our program are required to responsibly manage solar PV and comply with the Victorian Government’s ban on e-waste entering landfill.

Read about what e-waste is, what your obligations are and what you can do.

Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council provides resources and publications about electrical products, installations and solar/small scale generation resources.

WorkSafe Victoria provides guidance and assistance to ensure all employers and employees have a safe workplace in the electrical and solar industry. See Electrical and Roofing guidance.


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