Program reporting

Reporting data for the Solar Homes program, including retailer rebate allocations and the program's impact on Victoria's solar industry.

Since the Solar Homes program was launched in August 2018 more than 46,000 solar PV, solar hot water and solar batteries have been installed by Victorian households and over 62,000 solar PV rebates have been claimed.

With over 72,000 rebates available for the 2019-20 financial year, the program will continue to help tens of thousands of Victorians reduce their energy bills and help tackle climate change.

To encourage transparency around the program, Solar Victoria will publish a list of the number of applications secured by all retailers in each month of the program since the second phase of the program was launched on July 1.

As the numbers for the first few months of the program show, customers are choosing a wide variety of retailers with the number of retailer participants increasing over time. The numbers are also partial to change, contingent on customers submitting their applications and providing the required information to confirm eligibility.

Rebate allocations per month, by retailer:

Reviewed 24 October 2019

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