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Information for Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) traders

This information will step you through specific tasks and processes to help you participate as a ZEV trader in the ZEV Subsidy program.

Log in to the ZEV subsidy portal

If you are an existing ZEV trader you can log in to the portal through the link below:

Log in to the ZEV subsidy portal

The ZEV Subsidy is applied at point of sale by dealerships registered to participate in the program.

Information on how to register in this program and how to use the portal is available below. If you encounter any issues while using the ZEV subsidy portal you can contact us and we will work through the process with you.

How to become a ZEV trader in this program

We work closely with car manufacturers to identify licensed motor car traders who sell zero emissions vehicles.

To participate in the program, car dealers must meet the following criteria and provide evidence through our online expression of interest process.

Criteria Evidence to provide to Solar Victoria
Hold a valid/current motor car trader licence in Victoria (or equivalent interstate licence) Motor car trader licence (MCTL) number and information on legal entity, trading name, trading address.
Be a participant in the VicRoads Dealer Certification Scheme (DCS) or where ZEV Trader is not a participant in the DCS, the agent used to register vehicle must be a participant in the DCS Evidence of participation in VicRoads Certification Scheme.
Be authorised by an Original Equipment Manufacturer to trade a ZEV Evidence of OEM approval for the dealer

In your expression of interest, please also:

  • list the dealerships or trading names you are requesting to participate in the program
  • list the nominated person, phone and email contact for each (noting that a different email must be used for each dealership).

Click the link below to begin your expression of interest.

Begin the dealer registration process

Solar Victoria will assess expressions of interest within 10 business days. If successful, we will then invite you to register online with the program through the ZEV subsidy portal.

For the list of dealers registered to participate in the program, see Find a participating ZEV trader.

Portal registration process

Registering is easy. Once approved to participate, your nominated business representative will receive an email inviting them to access the ZEV subsidy portal.

The nominated business representative is your ‘admin user’ for the portal and can set up your account and other users within your business.

How to use the ZEV subsidy portal

Using the ZEV subsidy portal is easy. Admin and standard users can create and keep track of subsidy orders and see details about remaining subsidies in the portal. The processes for individual customers and business customers are slightly different.

Download these user guides to learn more about the processes:

Notifying your customer on the use of their information

Before creating a new subsidy order in the portal, you must:

  • inform your customer that their details will be shared with Solar Victoria, other government departments and relevant agencies to administer and improve the ZEV Subsidy program
  • show them the Collection Statement (download the PDF below)
  • highlight that their details are at all times managed in accordance with privacy laws by both you and Solar Victoria
  • obtain their agreement to collect and share their information for the purposes described in the Collection Statement.

Information and documents you need to create a subsidy order

For each new subsidy order you will need to assess the customer’s eligibility for the subsidy. To do this, you must sight evidence the customer provides, including the customer’s driver licence, and ensure the information is accurate to the best of your knowledge.

This table lists the documents and other information you will need to create a subsidy order:

Information Details required
Individual applicant Input these details in the portal fields:
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Driver licence number
  • Contact phone number
  • Email
  • Address
Business applicant Input these details in the portal fields:
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Contact phone number
  • Email
  • Business name
  • Business address
  • ABN
Vehicle details Input these details in the portal fields:
  • Make/Model
  • Date of order
  • Dutiable sale price
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Registration date
  • Odometer reading
Contract of Sale Upload this document in the portal. The Contract of Sale must:
  • itemise the ZEV Subsidy, for example: ‘Vic Gov ZEV Subsidy amount…… $3,000’
  • be signed by the customer.
Certificate of Registration Upload this document in the portal.
Tax Invoice Upload this document in the portal. The Tax Invoice must itemise the ZEV Subsidy, for example: ‘Vic Gov ZEV Subsidy amount……. $3,000’

Solar Victoria will validate the eligibility of the customer and the allocation of the subsidy.

Determining the purchase price eligibility

Any ZEV purchase where the dutiable value is above $68,740 will not be eligible to receive the subsidy. The example invoices below show where the purchase price of the car is assessed against the $68,740 threshold to determine eligibility for the subsidy.

How to display the subsidy amount in a tax invoice

You are also required to upload the tax invoice document in the portal. The Tax Invoice must itemise the ZEV Subsidy. To overcome barriers within Dealer Management Systems, you can either display the subsidy as a discount (see Example 1) or a deposit (see Example 2). The example invoices show where you should display the amount in each scenario.

This fact sheet shows where the purchase price of the car is assessed against the $68,740 threshold to determine eligibility for the subsidy:

Participating ZEV traders can also use these promotional resources to help promote ZEVs and the ZEV Subsidy.

FAQs for portal users

These FAQs relate to your use of the portal and associated processes and requirements. See ZEV FAQs for more general FAQs about the subsidy program.

  • Admin users are invited by Solar Victoria to set up an account to participate in the ZEV Subsidy program. They will accept the
    ZEV trader terms and conditions on behalf of your business.

    Admin users have more edit access to fields in the portal, allowing them to set up and edit bank account details, for example. They can also add other users (standard users) within their business to give them access to the portal.

    Standard users have edit access to fewer fields within the portal and cannot add other users within their business. Both admin and standard users are able to create and manage subsidy orders for your customers.

  • Only a legal entity (the business with an ABN) can create and accept the ZEV trader terms and conditions to participate in the ZEV Subsidy program and create a portal account.

    The admin user will need to set up a separate portal account for each dealership or trading name authorised to sell ZEVs within your business. This means you may have multiple portal accounts – one for each authorised ZEV dealership within your business. It’s also possible to provide the same bank and ABN information.

    The legal entity name should be that of the legal entity and ABN of the LMCT. This is the ‘ZEV trader.’ The account name should be the authorised dealer ‘Trading name’ that is approved by Solar Victoria to participate in the program. The address should be the trading address of the authorised dealer location.

    Each account must have a unique administration contact email address.

  • Subsides remaining in the current release are displayed on the home screen of the portal and on the main ZEV Subsidy page of our website.

  • Customers who purchased/ordered their ZEV before the new payment system began, but have not yet taken delivery of the ZEV, will need to have their subsidy order submitted via the Solar Victoria portal. You can do this from 17 November but must be registered to use the portal.

    To process the subsidy payment:

    1. Log in to the portalExternal Link and enter the customer and sale details to create a new subsidy order.
    2. Verify the customer and vehicle eligibility through the portal, and following instructions provided through training.
    3. If eligible, apply the $3,000 ZEV Subsidy as a discount from the GST inclusive purchase price and update the Contract of Sale to show the ZEV Subsidy discount applied, then upload the Contract of Sale.
    4. If eligible, create the Tax Invoice showing the $3,000 ZEV Subsidy as a discount, then upload the Tax Invoice.
    5. Complete ZEV registration through the portal vehicle registration process and delivery.
  • The subsidy is applied to the vehicle purchaser. In most cases the vehicle purchaser and the individual to whom the vehicle is registered is the same.

    In some cases, however, the vehicle purchaser may be different to the name the vehicle is registered to with VicRoads. An example where this might occur is with a business applicant.

    Please ensure that the (individual or business) customer information entered in the portal is that of the vehicle purchaser.

  • The purchase price is the dutiable value of the sale and must be under the eligible cap of $68,740. The dutiable value includes:

    • all manufacturer and dealership accessory add-ons
    • dealer delivery fees
    • GST.

    The purchase price does not include:

    • the subsidy amount to be discounted
    • stamp duty, registration and compulsory third party-insurance costs.

    If the purchase price entered in the portal is above the eligible cap, you will see a notification that it is too high. When you enter a purchase price within the eligible cap, the subsidy amount will show in the field below and you will not be able to proceed.

    Also download:

  • The ZEV subsidy is GST free when paid to Traders. You must ensure the full GST amount is recognised on the respective eligible vehicle tax invoice and paid in full to the ATO. You can seek further advice from your Tax Agent.

  • No. The ZEV Subsidy is only available to purchases made on or after 2 May 2021. This means:

    • the date of the contract of sale must be on or after 2 May 2021
    • any initial payment of money between the applicant and the car dealer or manufacturer must not be earlier than 2 May 2021.

    For example, a customer who purchased a ZEV in February 2021, paid an initial deposit or signed an agreement, and took delivery on 10 May 2021 will not be eligible.

  • No. The purchased vehicle will need to be currently available or registered within a reasonable timeframe (less than six months from the date of purchase) to secure the subsidy.

    All other eligibility criteria will need to be met.

  • Yes. The ZEV Subsidy applies to ZEV purchases made under leasing arrangements. To be eligible, the leased ZEV must be registered by VicRoads in the name of an individual or a corporation (company or incorporated association). There can only be one registered operator per vehicle. The subsidy cap of one per individual and two per corporation (business) still applies.

    To register a vehicle in the name of a company, the company must have a VicRoads customer number.

    All other eligibility criteria will need to be met.

  • Yes. Demonstrator ZEV models that are on-sold from the dealership on or from 2 May 2021 are eligible for the ZEV Subsidy.

    To be eligible, the ZEV demonstrator model must also meet the definition of a demonstrator vehicle as specified for the State Revenue Office Motor Vehicle Exemption Requirements and clearly state the vehicle is a demonstrator model on the tax invoice / contract of sale, with the odometer reading listed.

    In the ZEV trader terms and conditions, a demonstrator model is:

    • registered initially in the name of the participating ZEV trader only
    • is available and used for demonstration to customers, aimed at selling vehicles of the same class and during normal trading hours at their business premises
    • has travelled a distance of 7,500km or less since its acquisition and initial registration in the name of the ZEV Trader as a demonstrator vehicle
    • has been held for less than 12 months after it has been initially registered in the name of the ZEV trader as a demonstrator vehicle
  • Yes. You can cancel an order in the ‘Order’ screen of the portal. Cancelling an order removes the application from the portal and releases the subsidy back into the pool of subsidies remaining in the current release.

    See How to use the Solar Victoria portalExternal Link .

  • Dealerships will need to manage the delivery lead time of their ZEVs, and contact Solar Victoria if you foresee a problem or have questions.

    Expiring subsidies are displayed on the home screen of the ZEV trader’s portal account.

  • New eligible ZEVs will enter the market. If you can’t find the new ZEV make and model listed in the portal, please email with the specific make and model details. We will verify its eligibility under the program and add it to the list.

Any questions?

Please contact Solar Victoria by emailing or calling 1300 376 393, Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm (except public holidays).

Reviewed 17 March 2023

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