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Information for Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) traders

This information will step you through specific tasks and processes to help you participate as a ZEV trader in the ZEV Subsidy program. Applications are now closed.

Log in to the ZEV subsidy portal

If you are an existing ZEV trader you can log in to the portal through the link below:

Log in to the ZEV subsidy portal

How to use the ZEV subsidy portal

Using the ZEV subsidy portal is easy. Admin and standard users can create and keep track of subsidy orders and see details about remaining subsidies in the portal. The processes for individual customers and business customers are slightly different.

Download these user guides to learn more about the processes:

Determining the purchase price eligibility

Any ZEV purchase where the dutiable value is above $68,740 will not be eligible to receive the subsidy. The example invoices below show where the purchase price of the car is assessed against the $68,740 threshold to determine eligibility for the subsidy.

How to display the subsidy amount in a tax invoice

You are also required to upload the tax invoice document in the portal. The Tax Invoice must itemise the ZEV Subsidy. To overcome barriers within Dealer Management Systems, you can either display the subsidy as a discount (see Example 1) or a deposit (see Example 2). The example invoices show where you should display the amount in each scenario.

This fact sheet shows where the purchase price of the car is assessed against the $68,740 threshold to determine eligibility for the subsidy:

FAQs for portal users

These FAQs relate to your use of the portal and associated processes and requirements. See ZEV FAQs for more general FAQs about the subsidy program.

  • Admin users are invited by Solar Victoria to set up an account to participate in the ZEV Subsidy program.

    Admin users have more edit access to fields in the portal, allowing them to set up and edit bank account details, for example. They can also add other users (standard users) within their business to give them access to the portal.

    Standard users have edit access to fewer fields within the portal and cannot add other users within their business. Both admin and standard users are able to create and manage subsidy orders for your customers.

  • The subsidy is applied to the vehicle purchaser. In most cases the vehicle purchaser and the individual to whom the vehicle is registered is the same.

    In some cases, however, the vehicle purchaser may be different to the name the vehicle is registered to with VicRoads. An example where this might occur is with a business applicant.

    Please ensure that the (individual or business) customer information entered in the portal is that of the vehicle purchaser.

  • The ZEV subsidy is GST free when paid to Traders. You must ensure the full GST amount is recognised on the respective eligible vehicle tax invoice and paid in full to the ATO. You can seek further advice from your Tax Agent.

  • Yes. The ZEV Subsidy applies to ZEV purchases made under leasing arrangements. To be eligible, the leased ZEV must be registered by VicRoads in the name of an individual or a corporation (company or incorporated association). There can only be one registered operator per vehicle. The subsidy cap of one per individual and two per corporation (business) still applies.

    To register a vehicle in the name of a company, the company must have a VicRoads customer number.

    All other eligibility criteria will need to be met.

  • Yes. You can cancel an order in the ‘Order’ screen of the portal. Cancelling an order removes the application from the portal and releases the subsidy back into the pool of subsidies remaining in the current release.

    See How to use the Solar Victoria portalExternal Link .

  • Dealerships will need to manage the delivery lead time of their ZEVs, and contact Solar Victoria if you foresee a problem or have questions.

    Expiring subsidies are displayed on the home screen of the ZEV trader’s portal account.

Any questions?

Please contact Solar Victoria by emailing or calling 1300 376 393, Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm (except public holidays).

Reviewed 30 June 2023

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