How to apply for a Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Subsidy

We’ve moved to a new payment process for the ZEV Subsidy. This means that the subsidy is now only applied at the point of sale by car dealers participating in the ZEV Subsidy program for new purchases and deliveries.

What to do if you took delivery of your eligible ZEV before 17 November:

Please contact us if you took delivery of an eligible ZEV before 17 November, it has been registered with VicRoads and you were unable, under the previous payment process, to apply directly to Solar Victoria for the subsidy by the Friday 10 December 2021 deadline:

What happens if you have not yet taken delivery of your ZEV:

If you were unable to apply to Solar Victoria by the deadline on Friday 10 December 2021 because you haven’t taken delivery of your car, the car dealer will apply for the subsidy on your behalf, then discount the subsidy from your final payment if all eligibility criteria are met.


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