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How to apply for a Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Subsidy

Follow the steps on this page only if: 

  • you take delivery prior to 17 November of the ZEV you purchased on or after 2 May 2021 
  • it has been registered with VicRoads, and 
  • the subsidy was not already applied as discount on the ZEV by the dealership. 

These customers must apply by 11:59pm on Friday 10 December 2021

If you can’t take delivery of your eligible ZEV before 17 November 2021, your dealership will apply for the subsidy on your behalf and the subsidy will be discounted from your final payment if all eligibility criteria are met.

People who buy and/or take delivery of an eligible ZEV from 17 November 2021 will no longer need to apply to Solar Victoria for the subsidy payment

Step 1: Check your eligibility 

Please check that you are eligible for the Victorian Government ZEV Subsidy. To be eligible:  

  • The date of your contract of sale must be on or after 2 May 2021
  • The dutiable value of vehicle (the total price of the vehicle, inclusive of all added options and accessories, but excluding stamp duty, registration and compulsory third-party insurance costs) must be less than $68,740. See these tax invoice examples
  • The ZEV must be delivered and registered with VicRoads and your application for a subsidy submitted within a maximum of 6 months of the date of purchase. 
  • You must be residing in Victoria and have not previously applied for or received a ZEV Subsidy (or in the case of a business, no more than one previous ZEV Subsidy). 

For more on eligibility, see Am I eligible?

Step 2: Prepare your documents  

To help you prepare to complete the application form, you will need the following documents, which we will ask you to upload: 

  • Contract of Sale 
  • Tax Invoice   
  • Vehicle Certificate of Registration  

Uploading the correct documents will mean we can process your application faster. If you don’t have copies of these documents, please contact the salesperson at your dealership to request them.

You’ll also need to submit other identification details and eligibility requirements, including the make and model of the vehicle and the purchase price of the vehicle. We will also ask you to nominate bank account details so we can pay the subsidy to you.  

Step 3: Apply now 

To apply for the ZEV Subsidy, please complete and submit this form after your ZEV has been delivered and registered with VicRoads, and within a maximum of 6 months of the date of purchase. 

Apply now

Step 4: Await confirmation and payment  

Please note that we may need to contact you to request further information. Once we have all the information we need, we will assess your eligibility and be back in touch to confirm the outcome of your application.    

If all eligibility criteria are met and your application is approved, you should receive payment of the ZEV Subsidy into your nominated bank account within 15 business days.   


Reviewed 20 October 2021

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