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GoEVerywhere: Your guide to electric vehicles

Save on fuel and maintenance costs with an electric vehicle (EV).

Thinking about purchasing an EV?

From performance to cost, you’ll be surprised about the potential of electric vehicles. Read on to learn about how Victorians are saving with EVs.

Patrick Sheehan is standing in his garage in front of his electric vehicle wall charger

Reducing your carbon tire print

For Melbourne accountant Patrick Sheehan, buying an electric vehicle was an easy decision. “As an accountant, I know what makes sense financially. And for me, a zero emissions vehicle just makes sense."

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EV fit for the whole family

For Arun Ilancheran and Cherry Keragala the difficulties of travelling with a young family was something they took into consideration when buying their new ZEV.

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Get the facts on electric vehicles

  • Many EV models currently available in Australia can travel between 350 and 600 kilometres (in optimum conditions) on a single charge. With Victorians travelling an average of just 38 kilometres a day, that’s more than enough to get you where you need to go through the week.

    A further roll-out of EV charging infrastructure will add to the network already on our highways, in regional towns and at our favourite tourist spots.

    You can already drive from Adelaide to Melbourne and on to Sydney with easy access to ultra-rapid charging stations (found via an app on your smartphone, such as PlugShareExternal Link ). So, you don’t have to worry about running out of charge.

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  • On top of the environmental and cost benefits of owning a EV, you’ll also find that they outperform fossil-fuelled cars in other ways. Unlike vehicles with an internal combustion engine (ICEVs), EVs deliver great acceleration, making them nimble around town and giving them confidence when merging onto the freeway.

    EVs with batteries mounted along the bottom of the vehicle also have a lower centre of gravity, meaning better handling and cornering.

    Many EVs are also more spacious than a similarly-sized ICEV due to the placement of the batteries and the electric motor taking up less space than an ICEV drivetrain. This leaves more cabin space for passengers and room for groceries or camping gear.

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  • Research shows that driving a vehicle with a battery is just as safe as driving a vehicle that runs on petrol or diesel. As with all vehicles in Australia, new ZEV models are required to undergo rigorous safety testing before they can be made available for purchase. Additionally, electric vehicle charging stations are required to meet strict safety standards.

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Solar panel (PV) rebate

Solar panel rebates of up to $1,400 plus the option of an interest-free loan are available for existing homes and homes under construction.

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Make the switch to electric

Reviewed 08 September 2023

Make the switch to electric

All-electric homes, powered by solar, can save you thousands on energy bills every year. Find out everything you need to know about making the switch.

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