From cutting costs to carbon emissions: 5 powerful reasons to electrify your home

Every day, more Australians are making the shift to all-electric homes – powered entirely by renewables.

Thinking about making the switch, too? Here are 5 reasons why you should 'go electric'.

With energy prices rising worldwide, more and more Australians are turning away from fossil-fuelled appliances and towards electric ones.

What 'going electric' means

Going electric, also called home electrification, refers to gradually upgrading fossil-fuel powered appliances in your home to more modern, energy-efficient replacements powered by electricity. This can include water heaters, gas heaters, ovens, stovetops, and even your car.

This process of transitioning to electric appliances, especially when powered by solar energy, has dramatic effects for both your energy bills and the planet.

Historically gas was considered an affordable energy option. With prices increasing, using clean electricity from solar panels for hot water, cooking, heating and cooling is now the more affordable option.

Choosing electric appliances powered by solar, is a great move away from a fuel source that produces carbon emissions.

Here are the top five benefits to making an all-electric switch.

1. You’ll save on bills

Going electric is a clever climate choice and a smart financial move. Savings are even higher if you’re also considering installing a solar panel (PV) system as part of moving to an all-electric home.

Transitioning an existing home with solar panels from gas to electricity, can save you over $1,000 every year on energy bills when you maximise the use of solar energy. More information can be found in the Victorian Government’s Gas Substitution Roadmap.

Adding a medium-sized battery can help you save even more. How? Because you store energy generated by your solar panels throughout the day to use during peak hours, reducing your need to buy energy at peak times.

Solar Victoria offers rebates and interest-free loans to support eligible households to switch to solar, including:

More than 250,000 Victorian households have switched to solar with help from a Solar Victoria rebate to-date.

2. You'll reduce your carbon footprint

Using gas to power appliances or petrol to fuel our cars emits carbon, a key contributor to climate change.

Over time, electric homes will also become zero emissions homes as Victoria's electricity grid transitions away from relying on fossil gas and other fuels.

So, going electric is a significant step to decarbonising our cities. And it's also a step you can start taking today.

3. You'll enjoy more control of your home energy supply

When you electrify your home with solar, you'll also have more control over how you generate and use energy.

This is even greater if you invest in a home battery. How? Because when you have a battery, your energy is yours. You can store energy from your solar panels to be used later, and in turn, become more self-sufficient.

An energy supply that’s all yours. That’s another compelling reason to go all-electric.

4. Your home will be more comfortable

Electrifying your home can also make it more comfortable year round, thanks to the superior efficiency of modern electrical appliances.

A great example of this is with reverse cycle air conditioners. Some systems humidify and dehumidify the air as needed to achieve an optimum room temperature. They can also clean and purify the air, removing odours, which is a bonus for allergy sufferers. Compares this with gas-ducted heating which can be dusty, dry out the air and create uncomfortable draughts.

You could also enjoy peace of mind as energy-efficient improvements can boost the value of your home, or make it more appealing to tenants, if you choose to rent in the future.

5. You'll increase the safety and health of your home

While all energy systems carry a level of risk, modern electric ones can protect you with advanced safety features.

For example, a modern induction cooktop only heats when the pan is placed on top of them, which decreases the risk of fires and burns.

Although gas systems have safety precautions, they can pose various hazards with naked flames, gas leaks and carbon monoxide leaks.

You’ll experience health benefits, too. This is because electric appliances, when compared to their gas-powered counterparts, don’t produce fumes or emissions. With energy prices rising, there's never been a better time to take control of your energy bills by upgrading to an all-electric home.

Now you know the benefits of going electric, you're probably wondering how to make the switch. Find out how to get started with simple steps to transition your home to electric appliances.

Other helpful resources:

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Make the switch to electric

All-electric homes, powered by solar, can save you thousands on energy bills every year. Find out everything you need to know about making the switch.