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Applying for a Solar for Business rebate

Watch a video walkthrough of the Solar Victoria customer rebate application process. 


Step 1: Inform yourself

Before you sign a contract to install a solar system, you should be sure that you understand the Solar for Business rebate process and eligibility criteria. You should also do some research on solar systems to see if one is right for your business. The Solar for Business Solar Panel (PV) Buyers Guide contains useful information on the types of systems available and what factors to consider.   

Once you have done some research and decided that a solar system is right for you, research the different types of solar panels on Solar Victoria’s approved products list. You should also identify the authorised solar retailer you want to use and contact them to obtain a quote. 

Step 2: Get a quote from an approved retailer   

Once you have spoken to an authorised solar retailer about the system that best suits the needs of your business you can obtain a quote.  

Your authorised solar retailer will need to provide you with a quote that contains the information you need to make an informed decision. Make sure you check that the retailer has sought pre-approval from your Distribution Network Service Provider to install your solar system and to see if you’re able to export solar to the grid. 

Your retailer will also upload your quote into the Solar Victoria Portal. When the retailer submits your quote you will receive an email notification. Select the link in the email to begin your application and confirm your eligibility.  

Step 3: Completing the application  

To complete your application, you will need to provide the following:  

  • your quote number from your approved solar retailer
  • your contact details 
  • your Australian Business Number (ABN) 
  • your WorkCover Employer Number - you can find this at the top right corner of your WorkSafe Renewal Notice or by logging into your WorkSafe Online Portal 
  • your Certified Rateable Remuneration as reported to WorkSafe Victoria for the prior financial year (or this financial year if no remuneration was reported last year) - you can find this in your WorkSafe Online Portal or contact your WorkSafe Agent directly to obtain this information 

If you rent your business premises or your business premises are owned in a different legal name to that of your business name, you will also need to provide a copy of the Landlord and Tenant Guidelines and Consent Form signed by an authorised representative of your business and the landlord. Before gaining your landlord’s consent you should carefully review the considerations set out in the document and provide your landlord or property manager with a copy of the Solar for Business Factsheet for Landlords

Once you are comfortable that you have all the information listed above you can start your application for a Solar for Business rebate. You will receive an email from Solar Victoria when you’ve submitted your application, either confirming your eligibility for the rebate or requesting further information. 

Business owners can also nominate a representative from their business to manage the application process.  

Apply now  

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Step 4: Arrange your installation   

Once you are confirmed as eligible, Solar Victoria will provide you a unique eligibility number and QR code that must be scanned by your accredited installer in order to proceed with your installation. Without this eligibility number and QR code, the installation cannot proceed. 

Contact your retailer to confirm that you’re proceeding with their quote and to book the installation with them. On the day of installation, your accredited installer is required to scan the QR code contained in your eligibility confirmation email at the commencement of the installation. Once the installation is complete, pay the retailer the amount you owe them. This is the total amount minus any deductions, including the rebate. We’ll pay the remainder. 

Reviewed 23 June 2021