"We owe it to the planet to do what we can"

“Cool cool cool!” is how Janelle of Ocean Grove describes her solar PV and battery system.

"I absolutely think they are worth it, nature has been taken for a ride and we owe it to the planet to do what we can."

Janelle's 6kw solar PV system was installed in April 2019. She and her 3 kids, aged 6 to 9 years, consume "loads" of energy, often in the middle of the night. When she heard Ocean Grove was one of the eligible postcodes for a battery rebate in the Solar Homes program, she was rapt. She says initially she didn’t have the right documents when she applied for the rebate, but it only took a day for her to source the right ones. She says it took one month for the battery to be registered and configured.

Janelle uses an app to monitor her energy supply and usage, which she says is really easy to use. She says since they’ve had the PV system and battery, they have supplied the grid, sometimes up to 20.5 kWh but usually between 8 and 20 kWh. She says they can now power 1.5 other homes as well as their own. If the grid went down she says they should have power for 2 days. She has a ten-year warranty.

If you've been thinking about installing a battery, find out how the Solar Homes Program can help. Take control of your energy bills, tackle climate change and create a cleaner, better future.


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