Section 8: What warranties are available?

Any hot water system worth buying will come with a long warranty. There are several warranty types to consider.

Warranties and standards on solar hot water systems

The warranties offered on solar hot water systems vary from one manufacturer to another and should be carefully scrutinised when buying a system. Generally, the tanks (and collector panels for solar hot water systems) are warranted for five to ten years while the associated valve work will carry a 12-month warranty only. Read the warranty conditions carefully, especially those concerning labour. Some warranties are conditional on installation by appropriately qualified personnel, regular servicing and water quality.

All Australian systems are built to a set of standards outlined by Standards Australia. These cover design, construction and performance. Installation standards are covered in the National Plumbing and Drainage Code AS 3500.4. Manufacturers are now part of a quality control system for all water heaters under AS 3498, also known as the Watermark. After successfully undergoing an assessment process, manufacturers are entitled to attach the Watermark to their products and promotional material.

Warranties and standards on heat pump hot water systems

Check that the heat pump has a generous warranty of at least 5 years, and that prompt service is available in your area. This is perhaps more of an issue than with traditional hot water systems as the units are less common and their maintenance is slightly more specialised.