Reducing your carbon tire print

For Melbourne accountant Patrick Sheehan, buying an electric vehicle was an easy decision.

“As an accountant, I know what makes sense financially. And for me, a zero emissions vehicle just makes sense,” he says.

Patrick’s his electric vehicle serves his family’s needs just as well as a traditional petrol car does, only with the added benefit of not having to refuel at a petrol station – something he has not had to do to for several months.

He uses his car almost every day and takes trips to the countryside. “I paid for the car, I pay for the rego and servicing, but other than that it runs for free.”

Planning trips out of the city has not been an issue for Patrick since purchasing his vehicle. When fully charged his vehicle has a range of well over 400 kilometres.

“When we go on longer trips we would use an NFA charger along the way. And then when we get to a destination, for example, if we go camping in a caravan park, we may just use a powered site to then charge the EV upon arrival.”

In terms of accessing charging infrastructure Patrick has found it “rather easy” and adds that there are apps drivers can download to find the nearest charger.

When asked how much he has been saving since purchasing an EV, Patrick estimates his family is saving approximately $70 every week. With the added advantage of having solar panels at his home he can often charge his car for free. “As an accountant, obviously that does mean something for me. But also I like to respect the environment and I can see the sun hitting my panels and flowing straight through to the car.”

Patrick only had good things to say about the experience of driving his EV. “My favourite things about the electric vehicle would be it's nice and quiet. It hugs the road quite well.”

Solar Victoria’s Zero Emission Vehicle Subsidy made his decision to purchase an electric car even easier. “Originally we were going to go to potentially a plug-in hybrid, but the state government rebate of $3,000 swayed me.”


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