Reducing your carbon tire print

Hi, I'm Patrick, and this is my electric vehicle. With this house, in 2018, we did get solar installed and it was very reasonably priced.

The great thing about having solar panels and an EV means that you can charge for zero cost.

And as an accountant, obviously that does mean something for me, but I also like to respect the environment.

Predominantly our EV is used for commuting to and from work, which could be an hour and a half or 2 hours a day in traffic.

And the EV is suited perfectly for that.

Occasionally we have gone on longer trips, down to Lakes Entrance.

It's around three and a half hours and then when we get to the destination, we can just plug it into a typical power point and then, you know, when we're ready to drive back in a day or so, just do that same trip back again.

You can tow with this EV, and I can tow my boat with it as well.

We will certainly be taking it on holidays down to Lakes Entrance, so you won't ruin the weekend by buying an EV.

As an accountant, I can absolutely recommend the electric vehicles.

Not only do they make sense environmentally, but with the Solar Victoria subsidy, it makes for a really good decision.