Section 3: How to access rebates

This section lists what is required for customers in our programs to access solar panel (PV), solar battery and hot water rebates.

solar panels on the roof and homes in the green field

For the purposes of this Notice to Market, please read 'battery rebates' as 'battery loans'. Solar battery rebates closed on 30 June 2023.

3.1 Solar panel (PV), battery and hot water rebates

3.1.1 Mandatory portal requirements

All solar panel (PV), solar battery and hot water retailers wishing to claim a rebate through Solar Victoria’s programs must be registered on the Solar Victoria portal (‘the portal') before an installation occurs.

For details on how to register, see:

The portal enables retailers to upload customer quotes and be paid for the rebate/ loan amounts that must be passed through to eligible customers. Service Victoria and State Trustees are delivery partners.

Rebates and loans are only available to customers after they have received confirmation of their eligibility and have been notified that they may proceed with the installation by Solar Victoria.

Rebates are only paid to retailers who have received confirmation of a customer’s eligibility prior to installation.

3.2 Accessing other rebates

Customers of the solar for community housing rebate streams cannot access rebates via the Solar Victoria portal.