Millsom family of Coburg embrace Solar Homes Program to save money and the environment

22/07/19 0.32am
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The Millsom family of Coburg in Melbourne’s inner north received a rebate in early 2019. After six months with the solar panels, they recommend the Solar Homes Rebate Scheme to anyone interested in saving money and the environment. 

“I live off it, if it goes, I go,” it’s how 11 year old Daniel Millsom views the environment, without it, we all die. It’s why his parents Rachael and Cameron Millsom decided to spend thousands of dollars installing 12 solar panels on their roof, in Coburg, in Melbourne’s inner north, in January 2019.

“We found out about the Solar Homes Program through a friend actually, it was always on my mind to get solar panels but you know it’s a big expense so when a friend found out I went online and actually went oh quick, better put an application in,” Rachael told Solar Victoria following three stunning days of sunshine in late June.

“We’ve got a four kilowatt system, so it’s like 12 panels."

“It’s been an exciting process watching it and then seeing how it impacts on things. I think I’ve become aware of how we use energy through having solar panels as well.”

“I had a look at the data today actually and we’re generally halving our cost every month that we’ve had it and we got the solar panels in January and so that includes the last month we’ve actually made more power than we use, which is really cool

“It has definitely reduced our bill so I can tell it’s probably this time of year, not quite half when the sun’s out.”

The Millsoms were among the first Victorians to get a Solar Homes rebate.

Rachael says after six months with the solar panels, she would certainly recommend the Solar Homes Rebate Scheme to anyone interested in saving money and the environment.

“It’s definitely worth saving money but it’s definitely been for environmental reasons; it’s like a little a vote saying green energy, renewables over here!”.

For the first time the Solar Homes Rebate will also be available to renters. Rachael says it’s a gamechanger.

“I think that’s really great because there are people who are in the rental market who would like to be able to do the same thing to say yes to renewables too, who haven’t been able to do that at this point so I think it’s great.”

Nine year old Jack Millsom is a believer: “I quite like it because I think it helps us not do too much air pollution. We make more power than we use.”

Solar panel rebates through the Solar Homes program are released fortnightly for 2019/20.  Make sure you talk to an approved solar retailer to find out more and choose the right system for you.

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