Virtual power plants delivering solar benefits for all

The government continues to power towards a clean energy future, with a new virtual power plant pilot program designed to maximise Victoria’s booming household solar network.

Thursday, 23 December 2021 at 5:41 am

Virtual power plants enable households with solar batteries to share their unused, clean energy with fellow Victorians, while saving on their own power bills.

Solar Victoria will oversee the two-year pilot, which is capped at 2000 rebates. Households that sign up to the pilot before 30 June next year and install a battery will receive a rebate of $4,174 subject to eligibility criteria.

Four approved providers – Reposit, Sonnen, QCells and Mondo – have signed on to deliver the program. Participants will be paid for excess energy, which means increased bill savings for them and boosted grid reliability for everyone else.

Each approved program offers different incentives, such as discounts on hardware, reduced energy bills or regular compensation for taking part. Some are available state-wide, while others are tailored to a specific region.

Under the terms of the contracts, the amount of energy shared and the amount left in the battery for household use, along with compensation, is agreed upon up front.

The pilot follows a $47.4 million investment in the Victorian Budget 2020/21 to meet increased demand for Solar Homes battery rebates, increasing the number of rebates available from 10,000 over seven years to 18,500 rebates over four years.

For more information or to apply visit Virtual Power Plant (VPP) pilot program.