Tips for winter

Top tips to get the most out of your solar system during winter

Use energy efficient appliances

Sustainability Victoria has some great information on choosing and using energy efficient appliances.

Use appliances during the day

Your solar system will be generating the most power during daylight hours. To make use of this, run your heavy-duty appliances like the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer during the day. That way you are using the power as it is being produced. It’s also a good idea to stagger your energy consumption during the day. This means running your washing machine in the morning and your dishwasher in the afternoon. This way you won’t overdraw on your system.

Shop around for the best rate for you

Use the Victorian Energy Compare Solar Calculator to ensure you are accessing the best rate for your location and usage.

Check your panels

Safely check to make sure there are no overhanging branches or leaves covering your solar panels. Particularly in winter it's essentials to ensure your panels are receiving maximum exposure to sunlight and are not shaded.

Add a battery

If you meet the eligibility criteria, Solar Victoria has rebates available for the installation of solar batteries. Depending on your needs, a solar battery could be a great way to support your solar system and maximise your savings. Take a look at the solar battery loan eligibility criteria.


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