Solar for Business Solar Panel (PV) Buyers Guide

If you would like to learn more about solar (PV) systems for your business, make sure you read our Solar for Business Solar Panel (PV) Buyers Guide.

25 May 2021
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The Solar for Business program has closed. Rebates and interest-free loans are no longer available under this program.

Installing a renewable energy system to help reduce energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions is more popular than ever in Victoria, with significant rebates available to help you save even more. Rebates are now available for solar panel (PV) systems for businesses.

To get the most out of your system it needs to be planned and installed properly. A well-designed system can help lower your energy bills as much as possible, helping you to get the most benefit out of the system. Choosing quality parts and components, and a reputable retailer and installer, will ensure you have a system that serves your business for many years to come.

The Solar Panel (PV) Buyers Guides has been produced in conjunction with non-profit organisation Renew(opens in a new window) to help you plan the right system for your needs.

This Buyers Guide includes the types of solar panel (PV) systems available and factors to consider when making a purchase.

Read the guide, do your homework and seek out independent advice before contacting retailers for quotes. When you’re confident that you’ve found the right retailer and product for you, you can use their quote to begin applying for eligibility for a rebate.