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Renters will see benefits through reduced energy bills.

We're helping renters and rental providers to benefit from the installation of solar panels on their homes.

As a renter, you will see benefits through a reduced energy bill. An average rental household can expect to save hundreds of dollars per year. Your rental provider can save thousands off the upfront cost of installing solar and will benefit through the improvement to their rental property.

Your rental provider can apply for a rebate of up to $1,400 on the cost of installing a solar system on their rental property and have the option to also apply for an interest-free loan to match their rebate amount.

How do renters get involved?

If you're renting your home and would like to explore options for installing solar, contact your property manager or rental provider to let them know about the Solar for rentals rebate and the potential to save thousands of dollars on the upfront cost of installing a solar system.

Draft letter to rental providers

Both you and your rental provider need to agree to the installation, but it is your rental provider who must apply for the solar rebate and interest-free loan (if applicable).

Rental providers can choose to install a system on the rental property without seeking any repayments from you. You will still need to agree to solar being installed on the property and this arrangement is formalised through the completion of a Rental provider-Renter Agreement (no payment). In this situation, the rental provider is responsible for all costs related to the system, its installation and maintenance.

Rental provider-Renter co-contribution

There is also an option for renters to agree to contribute up to 50% of the monthly repayments cost of the interest-free loan as a further incentive for rental providers to take advantage of the offer. The agreement to contribute is formalised through the signing of a Rental provider-Renter Agreement (co-contribution) and the maximum amount you can be asked to contribute is $14.58 per month.

The rental provider is responsible for all other costs associated with the system, its installation and maintenance. Costs relating to the installation of the system cannot be recouped by increasing your rent or taking money from your bond when you vacate.

If you agree to contribute to the repayment of the interest-free loan, the amount of the repayment:

  • must be agreed upfront in the Rental provider-Renter agreement.
  • must be paid directly to your rental provider.
  • cannot be altered after the loan has been established.
  • If you agree to co-contribute, you do so for the four-year life of the loan or until the you vacate the property, whichever is earlier.

Based on an interest-free loan of $1,400, the percentage of your repayments can be negotiated with your rental provider based on the figures in the table below:

Percentage % Repayment $ per month Percentage % Repayment $ per month
5% $1.46 30% $8.75
10% $2.92 35% $10.21
15% $4.83 40% $11.67
20% $5.83 45% $13.13
25% $7.29 50% $14.58

Rental provider-Renter agreement

Regardless of the repayment model chosen, you will be required to complete and sign the Rental provider-Renter Agreement. The agreement sets out the responsibilities and obligations of both the renter and the rental provider.

No renter contribution

Download and complete the Rental provider-Renter agreement (no payment) if the rental provider will be repaying the loan with no renter contribution.

Rental provider - Renter Agreement (no payment)
PDF 119.4 KB
(opens in a new window)

Co-contribution between the renter and rental provider

Download and complete the Rental provider-Renter agreement (co-contribution) if the rental provider and renter will be contributing to the monthly loan repayments.

Rental provider - Renter Agreement (co-contribution)
PDF 148.92 KB
(opens in a new window)

If either party does not follow through with their responsibilities under the Rental provider-Renter Agreement, you can contact the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria(opens in a new window) (DSCV) for free advice on dispute resolution, and potential options for mediation.

What comes next?

You may need to provide access to the property so your rental provider can get a quote for the solar system from an approved supplier(opens in a new window).

Once the quote has been uploaded to the Solar Victoria portal, your rental provider will apply for rebate eligibility. Once their application is approved, they can schedule the installation of the solar system.

At this stage, your rental provider or the property manager should contact you to let you know the solar system is being installed. You and your rental provider will need to be present at the time of the install as the solar supplier may need internal access to your home to install the system.

Grid connection

After your system is installed and inspected, you will be contacted by your electricity retailer to organise connection of the solar system to the electricity grid. This may take a few weeks. You won’t need to be home, but you will need to make sure your electricity meter can be accessed.

If you have any questions about the connection process, talk to the solar installer or your electricity retailer.

After the installation

Savings on your power bill

The expected savings from solar power should be reflected in your electricity bills after grid connection. Typically, households who maximise the use of the energy generated by solar panel system can save over $1,000 each year. Contact your electricity retailer if you have any questions about the impact of solar on your electricity bill.

Feed-in tariff

When you speak with your electricity retailer about your grid connection, they will also speak with you about your feed-in tariff (credit on your power bill) for any electricity generated by the solar system that you don’t use.

For more information about feed-in tariffs visit DEECA Energy.

Make sure you are getting the best energy deal

Victorian Energy Compare is an independent Victorian Government energy price comparison site. With just a recent energy bill or smart meter data file, you can compare the best energy deals for your circumstances.

For more information, visit the Victorian Energy Compare.

Maintaining the solar system

It’s in your interest to monitor how your system is performing. If you think there is an issue with your system, be sure to let your property manager or rental provider know.


Rental provider - Renter Agreement (no payment)
PDF 119.4 KB
(opens in a new window)
Rental provider - Renter Agreement (co-contribution)
PDF 148.92 KB
(opens in a new window)

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