Workforce recruitment support for renewable energy businesses

The Victorian Government is supporting solar and renewable energy businesses by matching eligible jobseekers with employers experiencing workforce demand.

About the New Energy Project

The New Energy Project provides businesses with free recruitment support to employ pre-screened and trained people who are ready to start work, but might have faced barriers to finding secure employment.

We are looking for suitable employers in the solar and renewable energy sector to employ eligible jobseekers. Initially we will focus on manufacturers across south-east Melbourne, however we would also like to hear from employers across Victoria who need recruitment support.

All roles supported through this project are entry-level full or part time (with a minimum of 19-hours a week) for a minimum of 12 months or more. Some roles may lead to other higher-skilled roles. This project does not support placement into casual roles.

We will enlist eligible businesses into this project until May 2024, with ongoing support available until end-June 2024 through our project partner Maxima.

This project is supported by the Victorian Government through Jobs Victoria’s Priority Workforce Projects.

Benefits to the employer

Employers who participate in this project can expect to:

  • get tailored no-cost recruitment support to bring on new employees
  • be confident new employees have been carefully selected and vetted
  • benefit from employees who are fully trained and ready for the job
  • get ongoing support during the life of this project, at no cost.

Candidates will be provided with the required training, mentoring and supervision to undertake employment.

Our delivery partner Maxima will recruit, onboard and support candidate jobseekers to be ready for their new job. They will provide training and wrap around support for the first 12 months.

For more information about Maxima and their services, see the Maxima website.

Who is eligible?

Eligibility criteria for employers looking for staff

Contact us if you are an employer who is:

  • committed to providing opportunities to people who need extra support to find work
  • passionate about growing the renewable energy sector workforce
  • able to offer secure and inclusive roles of at least 12 months.

Initially we are focusing on manufacturers supporting the production of renewable energy products across south-east Melbourne but are interested also in identifying other job placement opportunities for priority candidates. We are aiming to engage employers in this project by April 2024.

Eligibility criteria for jobseekers

Our delivery partner Maxima will help jobseekers across south-east Melbourne who are unemployed or underemployed and meet at least one of the criteria below:

  • Women over 18 years
  • Young people 18-25 years
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Victorians
  • Victorians living with disability
  • People who are long-term unemployed
  • People seeking asylum and refugees
  • Newly arrived migrants from non-English speaking backgrounds
  • Veterans
  • People from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds who face additional barriers to employment
  • Single parents.

How to get involved

Businesses in the clean energy sector interested in employing a priority jobseeker should contact:

Solar Victoria

Interested jobseeker candidates should contact:

Andrew West, Program Lead
Mobile: 0448 041 872

About our commitment

Solar Victoria is investing $11 million to deliver a comprehensive training and workforce development program. Our aim is for solar industry workers to have the skills and capabilities to deliver our programs and to support growth in the solar energy industry.

Boosting training and workforce development will ensure Victoria has an ongoing supply of skilled workers to support growth in the renewable and clean energy sector.


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