A win-win for landlords and tenants

Tania is a tenant, living in a four-bedroom house in Pakenham. Her landlord, Richard, recently installed solar panels on the house, helping Tania save on her energy costs.

“I’ve noticed my usage is less than half [what it used to be]. I’ve been smarter the way I use my power because I’m home during the day so I’ve got an app on my phone so I can see when it’s active and I can start using everything that’s going to use the majority of power during the sunlight. Now I’m quite proactive,” said Tania.

Her landlord Richard had solar panels on his own house and when he heard about the Solar Homes Program rebates for rentals, he jumped at the opportunity to put solar panels on his investment property.

Richard says it’s a win-win for landlords and tenants.

“I look at it as a good capital value of the property. Also, it’s a good marketing point for the tenant in that will have less power bills. It’s a good investment with both wins. I like stable tenants, that’s the secret of our success and growth over the 30 years we’ve been managing our properties.”

Tania says the savings on her energy bills have been helpful.

The first bill with solar I’ve already saved half and next month will be more again. You’re still using the same amount [of energy], my costs have halved. I would definitely recommend it to other landlords, everyone should be jumping on board because we can’t keep relying on coal.

Solar Victoria has recently expanded the solar rebates for rentals stream, meaning even more Victorians can access the energy great savings solar offers.

Landlords are now able to apply for the rebate on up to two rental properties in each financial year. Renters can also now agree to contribute up to 50% of the monthly repayments cost of the interest-free loan.


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