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Solar Homes Program coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Victoria’s lockdown has been extended by 7 days. These restrictions will remain effective until 11:59 pm on Tuesday 27 July 2021, unless otherwise advised. 

As announced by the Victorian Government, Victoria’s lockdown has been extended by 7 days.  

These restrictions will remain effective until 11:59 pm on Tuesday 27 July 2021, unless otherwise advised.  

Solar installations as part of construction projects may continue (ie at unoccupied properties).

Solar installations at occupied properties can occur if: 

  • they can be undertaken completely outdoors with the relevant COVIDSafe plans and precautions in place. No internal access to premises is permitted.  
  • entry to any roof cavity is possible from outside of the building to minimise risks to residents.  
  • Battery installations can occur in garages only where the garage is standalone and no internal access to the primary residence is required.

Door-to-door sales are strictly prohibited during this lockdown period and all office staff must work from home. 

Cross border travel

For authorised workers who are required to cross the Victorian border, further information on the travel permit system can be found at

Information on exposure sites, testing and restrictions is available at  

For Victorians generally, there are five reasons to leave home: 

  • food and supplies  
  • authorised work  
  • care or caregiving, work or education  
  • exercise for up to two hours and no more than 5kms from your home 
  • getting vaccinated at the nearest possible location. 

The Premier’s media release can be accessed here:

We will keep you updated as further information becomes available.  

More information

Outstanding rectification work

If you require an extension to complete rectification work that has been identified following a Solar Victoria audit, please email us at   

Rebate application extensions 

Retailers cannot request an application extension on behalf of their customers.   

Solar Victoria has been in contact with customers whose applications are about to expire and have automatically extended application expiry dates.   

Customers can contact Solar Victoria on 1300 376 393 from 8:00am – 6:00pm Monday - Friday (except public holidays).   

Reviewed 20 July 2021