Solar for Business Applicant’s Declaration

  • The applicant has read, understands and agrees to the Solar for Business Program General Terms and Conditions.
  • The applicant is applying for the Solar for Business Rebate.
  • The applicant will only use the Solar for Business Rebate to assist with the supply and installation cost of the Solar System selected by the applicant in the application to be installed at the business premises.
  • At the date of this application, the applicant is an employing business that employs at least one person and less than 50 people and satisfies all Eligibility Criteria.
  • The applicant operates its business from the premises where the Solar System is to be installed.
  • The applicant either owns or leases the premises as identified in this application and has the consent of the owner of the premises for the installation of the Solar System at the premises.
  • All information disclosed to support this application for the Solar for Business Rebate is true, complete and accurate. Any information that is found to be false, untrue or misleading may be referred to law enforcement authorities and penalties may apply.
  • The applicant has sought pre-approval from their Distribution Network Service Provider regarding connection of the Solar System to the electricity grid and has received information from their solar retailer regarding pre-approval and any associated export constraints.
  • Solar Victoria may reject or cancel an application for a Solar for Business Rebate, or if Solar Victoria has already paid the Solar for Business Rebate, seek reimbursement from the applicant, under certain circumstances as provided in the Solar for Business Program General Terms and Conditions.