New industry and consumer reference group members welcomed

Solar Victoria welcomes two new members to its Industry and Consumer Reference Group (ICRG), aimed at building strong partnerships across the solar sector and enhancing the development and rollout of Solar Victoria’s programs.

Thursday, 29 July 2021 at 1:53 am
New ICRG members July 2021

The ICRG helps Solar Victoria adapt to changes in a fast-paced sector while staying on track to deliver cleaner, cheaper energy to Victorians. Joanne Pafumi joins the ICRG as an organisation member and Mathew Delaney as an industry member. 

Joanne Pafumi is the General Manager Corporate Affairs for electricity distribution networks CitiPower, Powercor and United Energy. She is the representative of Energy Networks Australia (ENA), the industry body that represents the companies that provide Australia’s electricity transmission and distribution networks. 

Joanne’s team aims to build customer and stakeholder trust in the networks to deliver reliable, safe and affordable power and enable new energy choices. This includes supporting direct customer relationships for solar PV and emerging technologies. 

As a member of the ICRG, Joanne says she’d like to “better understand the needs of an important customer group for our industry and how we can ensure distribution networks are meeting their expectations.” 

Mathew Delaney is a second-generation electrician with 25 years’ experience – the last 12 in the renewable sector in roles that include installation, project management, sales, procurement, process development and service/maintenance within the solar industry and electrical industry.  

He is director and manager of his own business, Advanced Energy Management. Mathew says that participating as a member of the ICRG is an “opportunity to give back to the industry.”  

Alongside other members, Joanne and Mathew will provide ongoing advice to Solar Victoria on safety, standards and quality, consumer protection, technology requirements, product stewardship, future grid requirements, skills and workforce development.   

Joanne and Mathew join current ICRG members: 

  • Ivor Frischknecht, Independent Chair 
  • Kane Thornton, Clean Energy Council 
  • John Grimes, Smart Energy Council 
  • Danny Filazzola, Electrical Trades Union 
  • Gerard Brody, Consumer Action Law Centre 
  • Michael Weekes, National Electrical and Communications Association 
  • Birender Grewal, Australian Solar and Energy Solutions 
  • Gareth Jennings, Rheem Australia 
  • Christine Kennedy, Total Energy Solutions Australia 
  • Steve Kostoff, Solar Training Centre 
  • Bobbi McKibbin, Solar Integrity 
  • Matthew Wilson, Central Spark  
  • Sophie Wright, RACV Solar.  

For more information, see Industry and Consumer Reference Group