Licensed electrical inspectors mentoring pilot

We have engaged NECA Victoria to upskill and support licensed electrical inspectors with onsite support, while also ensuring inspections under our programs are completed to the highest standard.

About the pilot program

We have engaged the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) Victoria to deliver a support and mentoring pilot program for licensed electrical inspectors (LEIs).

The pilot program is part of the Victorian Government’s $11 million investment in training and professional development.

It is aimed at encouraging a higher level of competence around solar inspections and encouraging more inspectors to feel comfortable in taking on solar work. It will help build a pathway for LEIs to continue to grow in number, with knowledge and support provided within the industry.

The pilot will run for up to six months and is structured to provide onsite support and mentoring for LEIs to carry out inspections of rooftop solar installations.

Together with the pilot training program for LEIs, this mentoring pilot aims to grow the industry to support Victoria’s renewable energy transition.

Every solar system is checked by a licensed electrical inspector and a Certificate of Electrical Safety issued before a solar system can be connected to the energy network.

See the Energy Safe Victoria website for information about licensed electrical inspectors.

What’s involved?

LEIs participating in the pilot will carry out a safety inspection of a Solar Homes installation. A mentor in the pilot will provide onsite support and mentor the LEI throughout the inspection. For all LEIs in the pilot, this will involve:

  • reviewing your knowledge in the solar field
  • ensuring you have the correct standards and documentation required
  • ensuring you have the required tools and test equipment and understand their use
  • confirming you are setting the compliance standards.

Solar Victoria has used data from its audit program to provide reference material aimed at helping the safety inspection process.

How to register

If you are an LEI who would like to participate in the pilot, please complete the online expression of interest form on NECA Victoria’s website.

Registrations are limited in this pilot program.

Any questions?

Please read the FAQs on NECA Victoria’s website or contact NECA Victoria by calling 1300 300 031 or emailing


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