Retailers: Uploading a quote

The purpose of this video is to walk you through completing a solar provider statement as a retailer as part of the Victorian government’s Solar Homes Program. Once you are on the Solar Victoria portal, enter your username and password. These are the details you provided when you were invited to join the portal. If you don’t remember your password, you can use the “Forgot password” link to reset it. In the portal you can create and keep track of quotes, manage installations, claim payment, manage installers and edit your account details. To create a new quote for a customer go to the quote page and click new quote First, review and confirm the solar provider terms and conditions. Once you’ve done this, tick the accept box before clicking ‘next’ to proceed to the quote details. This is required each time you create a new quote. Choose the rebate type based on your customer’s quote and fill in their details: first name, last name, email address and installation address. This is a direct lookup and will auto populate. Ensure all details are correct as these cannot be changed after quote submission. For many installations you may require pre-approval from the relevant DNSP. Ensure you have contacted them and then click the checkbox. Add the products you’ve quoted for by clicking ‘new product’ then searching for the product from the list. Include the quantity required. Note that parts and labour do not need to be included here. Enter your estimate of the benefits to the customer. Note that you have a duty of care to perform a site-specific system design for the site, in accordance with clean energy council regulations. Please tick the check-box to confirm you have provided this to your customer. Please input the estimated energy yield of the system as well as estimated annual financial savings for the customer. Enter the customer’s quote reference number. Note that your customer will use this reference number to find their quote in the portal when they apply for eligibility. The quote reference can be letters or numbers and must be less than 20 characters long. Enter the total price before any rebates and discounts, inclusive of GST. Then enter the STC amount that will be deducted from this total. The eligibility of a loan is dependent on the benefits calculation you provide. If the benefits are over $46.35 per month, the system will allow you to indicate if your customer is interested in an interest free loan. Based on the information you’ve entered, the estimated rebate, loan and customer net payable amount will be appear on the screen. A quote expiry date will automatically appear. This is set at three months from the date you raise the quote but you can change this to an earlier date if you choose to. Finally, upload a copy of the quote and proceed to the confirmation page or save and exit. Note that the quote document can not exceed 6Mb in size. Review and confirm the solar provider statement, ticking the declaration box at the bottom of the statement before clicking submit to finalise the statement. If the rebate quota for that month is exhausted you will be able to save your quote as a draft but won’t be able to submit. Once submitted, a pop-up box will confirm the quote has been successfully received. The quote will be added to the list on your quotes page. You can access the details of the quote by clicking on its Solar Victoria ID number. Your customer will receive an email from Solar Victoria notifying them that they can now apply for eligibility using the quote you’ve submitted. For more information visit

Reviewed 22 August 2019