Building better teams with women – Solar Victoria Apprenticeships for Women

Christine: So I'm a founding member of Australian Women in Solar Energy. It's about collaborating with women. We're trying to encourage more diversity within the industry.

Madi: My name is Madi and I'm a first year apprentice.

Darcey: My name's Darcey and I'm a first year apprentice electrician. I always wanted to be an electrician and my future dream is to start my own business and have an all female electrical company. I liked that they had set up something purely for women because it is still – although it is getting better – it's still really, really difficult for women to get into trades.

Madi: Most trades are still male dominated. Christine: I see great value in diversity within our industry and by adding more women within the industry, it creates better teams, it creates better collaboration.

Darcey: I love working with another female apprentice. It's so good to see more women getting into it and, you know, girls being made to feel part of the team.

Madi: Working with another female apprentice has been encouraging.

Christine: I would definitely recommend for solar retailers to look at hiring women through the Apprenticeships for Women program. I know that the positive impacts that it's had within our business can benefit other businesses as well.