How does a heat pump hot water system work? | Solar Hot Water

Hot water makes up about a fifth of the average household's energy costs

But what if there was a way to slash those costs?

Well, you can: by using an energy efficient heat pump or solar hot water system.

So how do they work?

A heat pump hot water system is one of the most efficient ways to heat your water, using up to 75 per cent less power than a conventional electric system. For most people wanting a new system, it's the best option.

It works by taking the warmth from the surrounding air and, with the help of refrigerants and a pump, transferring the heat into the water.

A solar hot water system uses the direct heat of the sun to warm your water, which gets stored in a tank.

And if you need a little more for a steaming hot shower, it can be topped up with electricity, which is great news if you have solar panels!

To help you save even more money, Solar Victoria offers rebates to cut the upfront cost of a new system.

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