Meet John from Warrandyte, a Virtual Power Plant pilot customer

My name's John, I live here at Warrandyte. I have two gorgeous red and white border collies, a very lovely veggie garden. We spend a lot of time making our own chutneys and jams. It all fits in with the lifestyle that you have if you live in a place like Warrandyte.

Since going solar some of the benefits that I've discovered have been that I’m in control of my usage. I now understand how to use my power correctly, all in all, I think the financial side of it has been quite good.

With the VPP I looked up Solar Victoria and they had a list of licensed operators to do with their VPP Program, and I found it quite easy to follow the advice that was on there. I was able to contact these various companies and research what they had to offer me and decide whether that fitted in with what we wanted and what our goals were.

It's good for the planet, it's good for my pocket and most of all, it's very good for my grandchildren, and going forward that's what it's all about.