Online identity verification

Facial recognition hints

You'll need to use your smartphone to clearly capture your face to complete identity verification. We'll tell you when it's time to do this.

Make sure you:

  • avoid standing under a bright light - it throws shadows on your face
  • keep your face inside the circle
  • don't wear hats, scarves, glasses or anything that covers your face
  • look straight at your phone.
  • only smile or turn your head when the voice prompts tell you to - while keeping your face inside the circle!


Please make successive attempts, if we are unable to complete the scan you will be able to continue with your application

If your identity verification session fails, you can resume from the last point you saved and you will keep your place in the allocation

If you are unable to continue please contact us

Tips for photographing and uploading your documents

Sometimes you just need to try again. It's important you photograph your documents clearly before uploading.

Usually, not passing identity verification is because of something simple, like a bad photo.

Try capturing it again, making sure:

  • you're standing in good light and there's no shadows or glare on the document
  • all edges of the document can be seen in the photo
  • if you’re getting shadows from a light above, try sticking the document to a wall in front of you, rather than laying it flat on a table
  • check that the text on the document is in focus, so our system can read it
  • you're not covering up any important information with your hand.

If your documents still can't be read, they may be a bit worn – faded writing or numbers, or general wear and tear.

If you are unable to continue please contact us

What happens with the data?

By law, the data cannot be used for any other process or purpose.

We cannot and do not keep this information, nor do we keep copies of the identification documents.

This material is destroyed to protect people’s privacy once their identity has been proven.

As recently as 2018, the Victorian Government brought in strong privacy protections and introduced penalties of up to two-years jail for breaching personal information.

The rules for identity verification are outlined in the Service Victoria Identity Verification Standards. These were drafted with input from Liberty Victoria, Electronic Frontiers Australia, the Law Institute of Victoria, the Australian Privacy Foundation and the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner.

Solar Victoria handles personal information in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014, the Public Records Act 1972 and the Health Records Act 2001. We also have a Privacy Statement online which applies to information collected through the Solar Victoria website.

Reviewed 06 January 2020

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