Retailers: Claiming a payment

The purpose of this video is to walk through the retailer payment process for the Victorian government’s Solar Homes Program. In the Solar Victoria Portal you can create and keep track of quotes, manage installations, claim payment, manage installers and edit your account details. The quotes page provides an overview of all quotes you have submitted to the portal. Once a customer successfully uses your quotes to prove their eligibility, the quote will move to the installation page. The installations page shows all your installation jobs currently in progress. Once your customer’s QR code for an installation has been scanned, the job will move to the payment page. The payment page is the focus of this video. You should go here after the installer has completed the installation. To start applying for payment, click on the installation ID. Review the details of the installation and if they are correct click ‘request payment’. Enter the installer’s electrical worker license number up to six characters. If the installed products have changed in type or quantity from what was originally quoted, toggle the button to ‘yes’ on the question asking about changes. You can change the quantity of the existing products and/or add new products. Ensure all quantities are correct, setting the quantity of unused products to zero. Update the final invoice and the STC amount. Click next and upload the final tax invoice, the STC Assignment Form and the Certificate of Electrical Safety. Input the Certificate of Electrical Safety number and the Responsible Electrical Contractor registration number. Note that the quote document must not exceed 6Mb in size. You can also add any additional documentation if necessary. Once you’ve finished including all the relevant details, click ‘next’ to be taken to the review screen. You can select “Previous” if you choose to edit any of the installation details. Otherwise click ‘submit’ to finalise the installation and have it reviewed for payment. Your payment will be processed within 5 days of your request being approved. Keep in mind that actual receipt of funds will vary depending on what banking institutions are involved. For more information visit

Reviewed 25 July 2019