Step 2: Install your solar hot water

The solar hot water rebate applies to installations that replace an existing hot water system that was at least three years old from the date of purchase. If your hot water system is less than three years old, is out of warranty and is assessed by a licensed plumber as being faulty, you can apply for a rebate if you meet the eligibility requirements. The solar hot water rebate is not available to new build homes.

 Choosing a hot water system

There is a lot to consider when you decide to install a solar hot water system and there are numerous types of solar hot water technologies. Be sure to select the solar hot water system that’s right for your needs. Installation can take anywhere between two weeks to two months, depending on your installer and whether you’re getting other works done.

To be approved for a rebate, you must already have your eligibility number and your solar hot water system must be:

  • Installed on/or after 19 August 2018
  • An approved product from the Clean Energy Regulator’s (CER) Register of approved solar providers, and from the Victorian Essential Services Commission (ESC) Registered Products list. The consolidated list of approved products can be downloaded here. Your solar hot water provider can work with you to select an approved product that meets your needs.
  • Connected to reticulated natural gas. To determine this you will need to check whether you are connected to gas mains or bottled gas. If the home does not have an existing solar PV system installed that is at least 2.5 kW, rebates will only be available for a gas boosted SHW system.
  • Installed by a solar hot water provider who can provide a minimum five years warranty on all major components of your solar hot water system.

Note: If a home is not connected to reticulated natural gas (ie. bottled gas), rebates will be available for any system on the Approved Products List.

How to choose a product and installer that’s right for you

 All solar hot water installations must be completed by:

  • an appropriately licensed plumber and a Plumbing Certificate of Compliance must be supplied to the householder.
  • an installer that holds a current Class A Electrical Licence issued by Energy Safe Victoria if prescribed electrical installation work is required.
  • an electrician who can submit a prescribed Certificate of Electrical Safety to the householder, which has been certified by a licensed inspector registered with Energy Safe Victoria.
  • a solar hot water provider who can provide a minimum 5 years’ warranty on all major components of your solar hot water system.

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