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Whether you’re applying for a solar photovoltaic (PV) or hot water rebate, it’s important that you follow the 1, 2 ,3 application process so that we can process your rebate quicker. Also, by making sure that everyone who applies to the program follows this process gives us more notice when application numbers are increasing and helps us respond to changing demands in the program.

Step 1: Eligibility

Applying for eligibility first checks whether you qualify for the rebate. It also sets aside a rebate that’s reserved just for you. It means that you can confidently use this number to get your system installed. You will need to provide us with supporting documents as evidence to process your eligibility number.

Step 2: Installation

Installation is the next step in the process. Your solar retailer or installer will need to meet quality and safety standards when your system is installed. They will also provide you with the paperwork you need to claim your rebate.

Step 3: Application

After you have installed, you’ll need to provide us with the necessary paperwork as evidence to support your rebate application. We’ll then process your rebate as soon as we can.

Please note: All solar PV applications lodged before 12 April 2019 will continue to be processed by Solar Victoria, in line with current requirements.

As we move to a point-of-sale model from 1 July, the process to apply for solar PV rebates will change slightly, but the eligibility criteria will remain the same. The process for solar hot water rebates will remain the same throughout the program.

The Solar Victoria program aims to provide renewable energy to 770,000 Victorian households over 10 years. Ultimately, following the 1, 2, 3 step process means that we’re better placed to help you and other Victorians get solar installed sooner and your rebate processed faster.

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