What to do before July 1


With solar PV rebates not re-opening until 1 July 2019, the next two months offer solar installers an opportunity for a shift in business focus. Here are some of the things that installers throughout Victoria have told us they’ll be doing to get ready for the program’s re-opening:

1. Complete any jobs where the customer has already had their eligibility confirmed with Solar Victoria. If a customer was able to submit an application for eligibility in time to have it processed and has received an eligibility number, then the solar PV system can be installed before 1 July, with the application for the rebate submitted after 1 July.

2. Encourage households interested in solar but ineligible for the rebate to consider solar hot water. The solar hot water rebate has remained open and offers up to $1000 for installing a solar hot water system.

3. Sign up to the CEC Code of Conduct and get CEC approved. Although only the largest installers need to be approved by 1 July, all installers will need to be approved by 1 November 2019 to qualify for the Solar Homes program. With the CEC taking up to 8 weeks to process an application, it’s possible to apply now and get approved by 1 July.

4. Prepare your business for an uptick in installations. Solar PV installations are rapidly increasing in Victoria, and increased coverage of the Solar Homes program will mean that large numbers of Victorians will be looking to start installing from 1 July.

5. Get ready for the Solar Homes program to expand. As of 1 July, rebate streams for batteries, interest-free loans for PV, and solar for renters will open, creating new potential market opportunities.

6. Make sure your customers waiting for the program to re-open have all their paperwork ready. If a customer didn’t submit their eligibility application in time, you can work with them to ensure they have all the required documents ready to apply for an eligibility number when the program re-opens on 1 July.

These are:

a) Council Rates and Valuation Notice

b) Proof of Income, and

c) Solar PV provider statement.


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