CEC Annual Clean Energy Australia Report


The Clean Energy Council’s annual report on the industry has been released. Some highlights include:

  • Renewable energy has grown to generate a record 21% of electricity, both Australia-wide and in Victoria.
  • The average PV system size installed continues to grow year after year, with the average system 7.13 kw in 2018.
  • 1 in 5 households now have rooftop solar installed.

To find out more about the renewable industry’s record year you can read the report on the CEC'S website.

Small business and solar

Big banks such as Bank Australia and Westpac have been in the news lately with their promise to commit to operating on 100% renewable energy. However, there are plenty of small businesses making the shift too. If businesses in your local community need to be convinced to take up solar, these cafés, breweries, and not-for-profits offer some inspiration.

South of Johnston café: southofjohnston.com.au/our-story
Grand Ridge Brewery: broadsheet.com.au/melbourne/mirboo-north/bars/grand-ridge-brewery
CERES Sustainability Centre: ceres.org.au/new-solar-projects-more-than-double-our-generating-capacity

Marketing claims

Solar Victoria has received reports of marketing for battery installations that make claims about the rebate stream that have not yet been announced. The amount that the rebate will pay out has not been announced, nor what will be required to apply for it. If your company provides batteries or is interested in doing so, ensure that your marketing isn’t making false claims about what’s on offer.

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