Top tips for completing your application

The most common issue raised with Solar Victoria is the time taken to process applications.

Our biggest challenge is ensuring that we have what we need to process applications, first time around.

Read our top tips to get your application processed, the first time around.

  1. About half of all applications received are incomplete. Provide the right documents at the same time, completed correctly, and your application will be added to the queue to be processed. This avoids delays due to us following you up for additional information.
  2. Ensure names on the application and other documents are consistent. If your ‘official’ name is Elizabeth and your rate and income documents show that, don’t have Liz or Betty on the application and forms provided by installers. Changed your name? Provide proof, such as a marriage certificate or change of name certificate.
  3. Proof of income: We only accept ATO Notices of Assessment (not your employer’s Statement of Income), a Centrelink Income Statement or statutory declaration for self-funded retirees, or income statements from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.
  4. Make sure your solar provider completes all sections of the Solar Provider Statement (including signatures); ensure that STC (small-scale technology certificates) amounts are itemised, paid in full or with repayment schedule details completed; and that invoices fully describe the system and work done.
  5. Council rate notice: If your postal address differs from the one on the rate notice, provide documents that show the property is your primary residence. Your water rate notice is not suitable, as only the Council rate notice has your home value. We need this to confirm that your property is valued at less than $3m.
  6. Just built, bought or moved into a new home? Well done! However, if you don’t have a rate notice yet, provide a letter from your council or a contract of sale that shows the value of the property, as well as proof of permanent residency. If you do have a rate notice but it shows only the unimproved land value, we need documents showing the value of the home and that it is your primary residence e.g. building contract, land valuation including house value, drivers licence or electoral role showing that is your permanent address.
  7. The home owner/s (as described on the rate notice) should be the only name/s on your application, otherwise you will need to provide a statutory declaration confirming another person has permission to apply on your behalf.
  8. Solar providers can’t lodge applications on behalf of customers.
  9. Make sure the invoice from your installer is itemised and complies with Australian Tax Office requirements.


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