Thursday 28 March 2019

Make sure your marketing is accurate and your sales reps are too

Solar Victoria has contacted several more companies in the past month concerning the marketing behaviour of the firm or their staff.

We receive complaints from members of the public and other installers and retailers in the sector and take them seriously, frequently referring them to Consumer Affairs Victaria.

The Clean Energy Council - a key partner in the Solar Homes program also takes action against companies making false representations as part of its accreditation schemes.

A frequent issue is misinformation about the program’s closure date being brought forward.

Solar Victoria is still accepting applications and the closure date has not changed. The next phase of the program – activating government election commitments – begins on 1 July 2019.

Detailed information on program requirements can be found on our application page, or for future updates straight in to your inbox you can register for updates.

Please note that, as the operator of the Solar Homes rebate program, Solar Victoria determines which companies are accredited to participate in it.

Consumers must have confidence in the industry and it is part of Solar Victoria’s role to help build and maintain that confidence.

As we will move to a preferred-provider model in due course, Solar Victoria reserves the right to consider the conduct of companies when assessing their suitability.

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