Monday 4 February 2019

Why do solar customers need an eligibility number to apply for a rebate?

Getting solar panels or a solar hot water system can be a big expense for many people.

To ensure solar customers are eligible to receive the Solar Homes rebate and ensure systems are safely installed by reputable people, we require customers to confirm their eligibility for a rebate before they place an order.

Getting an eligibility number effectively holds a rebate for four months and ensures customers know whether they can expect a rebate for their system.

Not having an eligibility number means the customer will pay full price for an installation if it is later found that they are not eligible. 

Towards the end of the eligibility period we will email customers with the opportunity to extend it for 60 days if, for example, there has been a delay in installation for some reason.

Solar Victoria is working with the Clean Energy Council to provide additional information about the eligibility and rebate application processes to their accredited installer and retailer networks.

We’ll be conducting a public awareness campaign about this in coming months and run a consumer-facing campaign about eligibility requirements and the questionable sales tactics of some installers. 

How you can help:

  • please ensure your staff understand that ONLY Solar Victoria can confirm eligibility for a solar homes rebate. Many people have financial and housing arrangements that are more complex than initial conversations might reveal 
  • encourage your clients to undertake the eligibility process before they install and avoid running the risk of being significantly out-of-pocket.

More information about the eligibility requirements rebate applicants must meet.


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