Monday 11 February 2019

Tremendous interest means more applications

Unfortunately, almost half the applications we receive for a rebate are incomplete.

Incomplete applications significantly reduce the speed by which we can process your customers’ rebate claims.

Although we contact hundreds of applicants each week seeking the information to begin processing, getting everything needed back can take several attempts and further delays.

Solar Victoria has brought on additional resources to reduce the backlog, but getting all the right information – first time – is the best way to get your customer’s application processed quickly.

As solar retailers and installers are key participants in the Solar Homes program, you play an important role, so when engaging with your customers, please:

  • stress the need for customers to ensure they provide all the required documentation when they apply for eligibility or a rebate.
  • ensure the documents you provide to your customers - particularly an invoice compliant with  Australian Tax Office requirements – are provided as soon as possible
  • explain that completed applications – those with all the required documentation – are processed in the order that they are submitted.